MonsterQuest – America’s Wolfman. pt5

Season 4, Episode 9 The MonsterQuest team head into the backwoods of the American Midwest in search of the legendary “Wolfman”. They investigate numerous eyewitness accounts and uncover a recently surfaced video of the beast.

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  • Lemon5eed:

    I think that’s true cuz they only found hue tapes not the ppl

  • Lemon5eed:

    In Maryland they got the Blair witch

  • AzrealShadow:

    I’ll keep the faith…

  • ThePotninjas:

    I’ve had some pretty strange interactions with a BCC myself, and I live in Georgia. Turns out, there are sightings all over the country. One of my friends in Ohio shot one, and he’s been looking for more evidence ever since. I’ve read sightings anywhere from California, to Illinois, to Tennessee. It’s some eerie stuff.

  • ThePotninjas:

    @llamasarecool19 Werewolves don’t, but bipedal canines do. Listen to more of Linda Godfrey’s stuff, she explains it very well.

  • norseleague:

    @norseleague and you trust government to do your thinking for you no matter what-government-the “central brain”-hah!

  • kidslovesatan:

    @norseleague You’re gullible.

  • legobertl33:

    peggy shut the fuck up u stupid bitch

  • llamasarecool19:

    werewolfs do exist

  • norseleague:

    All bullshit. A cover up. Only the naive will believe this man.

  • xShadowxPhoenix:

    @barberalex1 He made it out of fun, he meant nothing of it

  • barberalex1:

    i’m getting sick of people creating hoaxes of this creature.

  • ironraptorterror:

    Is it me or does the indian guy on this show seem like a dork?I seriously dont think he was needed.

  • teeheeisme:

    At least for their last episode Monsterquest was able to disprove a big hoax.

  • yawgmoth5:

    Coolest dad ever.  that guy is a badass

  • GLH03:

    all the blind people who actually believed this, i guess its nice to believe though.

  • JohnsonSlanger:

    i cant believe how some people are just that DUMB. for all u saying that u think the video is real…watch, the guy who made it just explained how he faked it. now after watchn this, there should be no more thinking its real. JESUS people, u cant reallybe that stupid can u?

  • keightley2011:

    @keightley2011 sorry i meant how come you still think thats real, not werewolf in general

  • KisiroKitsune:

    @keightley2011 He said that video is fake, nothing about werewolves as a whole.

  • keightley2011:

    he just said and proved they are both how come you still think they r real?

  • MAnnaconduit1:

    who cares what this thing wants, it is apart of the rebel alliance and a traitor take it away

  • xShadowxPhoenix:

    I do think since this was monsterquests last episode and their tone in this particular show, I think it was a personal “fuck you” to people who believe in cryptozoology

  • HarloweQuinn:


  • FerretDude15:

    I really doubt what people are seeing these days is a person supernaturally turned into a wolf. This needs more of a logical view like perhaps a undiscovered animal by people. The whole “I am a werewolf” crap needs to stay OUT of this because it’s nonsense like that is what makes these kinds of documentaries look like a joke.

  • bcrupp2:

    for most people if they here the words werewofl they think big half hman wolf what if it isnt a half human but a very lartge wolf or a mix breed of a cyote adn a wolf people just dont think they find something and follow with it like a new toy we need people who have a great imganation to think of t5hings liek what i just said

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