Looking for horror movie where two girls stand in the hallway.?

I am not into horror movies, but I have seen the reference from a certain horror film many times, and I would like to know where it originated from.

It’s two young twin girls standing in a hallway, do you know where its from?
Where in the film does it appear?

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  • mcq316:

    The Shining.

  • Shan:

    The Shining (1980)

    The two girls are ghosts who appear to the little bot on the tricycle, they are not a particularly integral part to the film. Other apparitions include blood pouring from the elevator.

  • Rik Diesel:


  • Hannah:

    The Shining

  • craazyfingers:

    The Shining

  • ○hamlett ♥:

    I think its like the shining or something

  • PrettyKitty:

    The Shining


    Ironically, I just watched this movie again tonight…THE SHINING.

    They appear about the 3rd time Danny rides his trike around the hotel hallways. He sees them standing there and also sees how they looked when they were sliced to shreds as well.

    GREAT movie.

  • guymandude:

    As you the it is the shining. It appears many times throughout the movie. starting about 45 min or so in. They follow the little boy, as kind of a warning. It is a good movie. I didn’t think it was all that scary. It is also famous for the line” here’s Johnny!”

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