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imageFriends, I have found a very special place on the Islands and I want to share it with you, but first let me tell you a little of the culture that is involved:

The Hawaiian term Lomi Lomi is used to describe a very special massaging technique which involves gentle rubbing, pressing, massaging and kneading, similar to the kneading of bread dough or what a cat does with it’s paws when content.

Unlike a regular massage, Lomi Lomi uses targeted and controlled yet gentle manipulations to holistically heal and detoxify the body, mind and spirit.

Once performed by the ʻōlohe lua (Hawaiian martial arts masters) and the kahuna lāʻau lapaʻau (healers) as a luxury for the ali’i (ruling chiefs) of ancient Hawaii.

During the 1800s,the Kingdom of Hawaii was being converted to Christianity.  As a result, the art of Lomi Lomi was almost lost due to various religious inspired laws that made it a crime to practice what the church considered “a heathen practice”.  Many healers were forced underground, carrying with them the secrets of this ancient tradition and passing it down amongst family members and close trusted friends.

imageI am happy to announce that I have recently found a beautiful place right here on the Islands that offers the same services once reserved for royalty.  You can now experience the beauty of Lomi Lomi with a wide range of special services offered by the Mele Nai’a Spa in Honolulu, Hawaii. Weather your just visiting or kama’aina, you will discover the joy and benefits of relaxation and detoxification from each Lomi Lomi session.

Come and treat yourself or a loved one, boss, employee or coworkers to one of the most relaxing and long lasting treatments the human body can experience!

For a short time, if you mention you saw this online, the Mele Nai’a Spa will automatically get 20% off of all services.

Here are just some of the services the Mele Nai’a Spa offers.

  • 60 minutes of:HAWAIIAN LOMI LOMI
  • 45 minutes of: LOMI LOMI FACIAL
  • 5 minutes of: SAUNA AND OFURO
  • 90 minutes of: LOMI LOMI and AROMA TOUCH
  • 150 minutes of: PRECIOUS TREATMENT
  • 90 minutes of: HONEYMOON TREATMENT

My suggestion if you want to give yourself or your loved well over two hours of the most amazing, most relaxing and most healthy Lomi Lomi one could possibly experience is ask for the “Precious Treatment” and tell them Paul sent you and you would like 20% off!

Their website features Chinese and English and offers a mailing list, prices and specials.  Visit the website or give them a call. www.melenaiaspa.com 808-772-6129

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