Labyrinth of Truth pt.11 (Paranormal Phenomenon)

This is TheWatchersReptilian, my account got shut down by Youtube after releasing videos exposing Michael Tsarion Jordan Maxwell and Zeitgeist. But Im back the new site is called UnleasedProject please Subscribe.Thanx

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  • DelosDienners:

    i am curious as to wether or not the slender man will be mentioned in these videos. The slender-man is a tall man with no face and long slender limbs. he wears a dress suit and tie. his arms can become six tentacles and when hes ready to eat red glow comes from behind his skin where his eyes should be and he rips his face open where a mouth should be to reveal huge razor sharp demonic teeth. i met him once =D not kidding…

  • MysticGanjaMan420:

    Anybody know the track @ 8:50 ANYBODY ????

  • reubenprowse:

    The girls at the ouiji board?
    Yah man. Guess what. My parents raised us not to screw around with that stuff. I know of a couple people that played it and freaked out.
    I was shocked about how the german media portray it as a mundane, scientifically explicable thing where sub-conscious elements steer the glass. But they never, ever showed anybody actually using the board during any of their mockumentaries -.-

    Wow. Need to take a break from this vid…..

  • rokitjon:

    @NigeriansRunUK You gotta have that Elbow Macaroni Degree to make the translation!

  • NigeriansRunUK:

    @rokitjon I must be retarded, because i seriously don’t understand what you are saying.

  • rokitjon:

    @NigeriansRunUK Well,you out classed me with that reply!Truly scholarly!!
    But now that you’ve straightened me out let me restate my enightened position:Man has the free will to move his dish of Alpo from the carpet to the linoleum.he can eat his mush fast or slow.He can crap in the yard or in the house,but he ain’t gettin away from that Alpo if that’s what his master is serving.Manifest another good reply – the power of God just radiates from it and is changing the world as we speak!!

  • NigeriansRunUK:

    @rokitjon You tried to sould intelligent in this menstrual rant, but you FAIL. Not one sentence of your babble projected to me that you have more than a elbow macaroni degree from pre-school. If man didnt have free will, you wouldntve had the free will of writing such lunacy.

  • MysticGanjaMan420:

    shiznit this video is so real and scary

  • tawnygirlwk37:

    That guy in the show ghost adventure which I think is the same guy in ghost hunters is straight up mad crazy! Seeking the spirits of the dead as he thinks…but in one of his episodes he was talking to a ghost as he would call it, and it leaped on him, he said it himself. To my understanding of what scripture says when people die they dont come back to this earth floating around showing up on pictures or speaking to loved ones, its demons.

  • Houshalter:

    Youtube, and the internet and general, is the absolute last place to do research on paranormal stuff. If your intrested, read books, talk to people, and even do your own research, but half the things you read on the internet or more turns out to be complete bullshit, and most videos on youtube are proven or suspected fakes.

  • N1k1mon:

    Who doesn’t seem to want to do anything or isn’t there. There’s much more to the story.

    I’ll check some of your other vids, hopefully that’s not all you’re doing.

  • N1k1mon:

    I don’t know man, props for all the hard work and all of what is actually true in here but I’m afraid it’s just more spreading of the disempowering, protestant Christian worldview. But blending in all the hard work and findings of people all over the world trying to find knowledge of the truth and stop the NWO with a puritanical Christian twist seems contradictory, the Christianity that we know today is illuminaticized anyhow. It takes away all of mans power and gives it to a being

  • T8k8O7:

    “Conicidence is a word we use for when we cant see the strings and pulleys”

  • EdjeBos:

    That girlat 3:03, I hope and pray she’s ok now.. Man, that was the first and hopefully the last time I’ve ever witnessed a possession.. These powers should not be meddled with. Especially not by kids. Demons don’t care about age. Man, I’m a bit shook up by this. And that doesn’t happen easily. To anyone that thinks that ouija-boards are harmless: take a lesson from this. The’re not!! Demons may appear as kind spirits, but they are all demons, serving the same master.

  • impmaster2:

    when will people learn dont play with oujia boards they open up portals and doors for demons to get through and it ends badly for them

  • rokitjon:

    YadaYdaYada – more Holy Crap from the pontificators who join paws with Satan so man can exhibit his vaunted “Free Will”.Free will my ass – man has about as much free will as a dog whose given Alpo for dinner everynight.Canned and soggy,these are your Christians today.Mushy,stinking replies as a substitute for the supposed power of God that they can’t manifest.


    God does not want us to worship him at gunpoint. He gave us free will to choose. Would Satan die for you? No, but he wants you dead! According to your last post , he has his hooks in you deep.

  • spidertraceur15:

    I’ve always believed this to be true.

  • BLACKThuggish:


  • Luxeferian:

    Look at 1:20 does it look like there is a hooded man in the upper left hand corner of the pic?

  • madJedi1:

    the 2 interwiers at around 7mins look a bit like Bill and Hilary CLinton??!??

    Any 1 else see the resemblence?
    Great series btw

  • TehPwnzorthe1337:

    would you expect him to be in control for good and not to let his free will creation choose its own path? he allows his creatures to be free and do as they will, but allows them sanctuary if they choose him. even tho these terrible demons are here and are destructive, God has shown time and time again that he is strong enough to reveal himself and save ANYONE who chooses him over these things. it is the fault of the creation, not the creator that it is fallen, for it chose to fall

  • MultiArchangel:

    These people and their copyright laws. Like we are taking credit for their work.

  • MultiArchangel:

    Thank God this one has music.

  • seedalite:


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