Kids Halloween party game ideas?

I am throwing a party for a group of 4th graders and want to do games. I am looking for the type of games that leaves one winner. so far I have Pin the Nose on the pumpkin and musical pumpkins (like musical chairs) in which each kid that gets out will get a small pumpkin to go decorate and the winner will get a larger prize. I also have a game that I will be putting a bunch of candy corn in a jar and the kids have to guess how many are in it and the winner will get the candy. Anyone got any other ideas?
sorry forgot to add that we are also doing the apples or donuts from a string.

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  • lemes03:

    Bobbing for eyeballs! Best Costume. Scary Scavenger Hunt!

  • adoreme:

    Pumpkin Pass Along
    Before the party, make some jack-o-lanterns using orange rubber balls (about the size of oranges)
    and a permanent marker. You’ll need one for each team. Divide the players into teams.
    To start the game, place the “jack-o-lantern” under the chin of the first player. That player passes the “jack-o-lantern” to the next player without using hands and then to the next player and so on.
    The first team to pass the pumpkin all of the way through the line wins.
    You can also play this game by passing the Pumpkin from player to player using hands behind the back
    which isn’t quite as fun but also does not require the players to get so “personal “.

  • Beth:

    Do you feel that your games are age appropriate because I have a 5th grader and she wouldn’t like the games that my preschooler would. I feel it s always a hit to do crafts. One year we decorated t-shirts and used glitter on small pumpkins which was so cool. Or before hand make regular sugar cookies into ghost shapes or candy corn shapes and have the kids decorate them with food pens, colored sugars,etc.

  • Rus J:

    Halloween trivia games, Halloween bingo I found these here

    Variations on Halloween Bean Bag Toss Games

    I found a lot of games here some were team games rather than individual winners but you could modify then to work.

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