Jonah’s Rod Encounter in our Backyard! Skyfish Phenomenon Paranormal Aliens Cryptozoology

While we were filming for our next video, which was to be about Jonah’s super human powers (it was going to be an After Effects project), we caught a rod on film. This video shows our “evidence” and then after wards the kids discuss it. If you don’t know about rods, search for rod or sky fish and watch more videos.

25 Responses to “Jonah’s Rod Encounter in our Backyard! Skyfish Phenomenon Paranormal Aliens Cryptozoology”

  • AChylla:

    Wow, that’s a UFO for sure!!

  • Taurus702B:

    Its a cricket.

  • toomanysheep:

    The ROD flying makes me think of the “dog shaking it’s fur dry video”.
    Maybe it’s a furry creature that gets wet from flying in the density of out atmosphere and is trying to itself shake dry…
    And the kids are amazing! No nose pickers there! Lol!

  • RememberDeath2112:

    Insect. Just a simple matter of exposure time and shutter speed. Unfortunately we don’t use high speed cameras while recording such things.

  • Zacatown:

    Very enjoyable video. If you’d like to see Rods in a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE, I’d recommend the climactic scene of “DEFIANCE”,(war scene in a field) starring Daniel Craig and ALL THROUGH the movie “APPALOOSA” starring Ed Harris.(including indoor scenes)

  • TheNewTruthBand:

    Haha, cute kids!

  • amariahfrancis:

    1:08 It’s supergirl! :)

  • amariahfrancis:

    This is a cool video! Love the kids’ discussion!

  • louiss4618:

    @KittiesMama yeah

  • dergrossen:

    Ok if this was a “bug” then what speed was it flying at? Should be able to determine that much at least.

  • slatan420:

    I love how you edited the kids in for a scientific discussion, kids need to be heard.

  • KittiesMama:

    We were so thrilled to be photo of the day on the C2C website! :) Thanks Rickg … you ‘get’ it.

  • eyefocus3:

    Soooo CUTE! Cool video. Well done with fx and sounds, too w the kids. That would have been one fast insect, also Jonah would have felt it going through his hands so close.

  • MidnightVisions:

    The TV show Monster Quest did an experiment with a regular video camera and a high speed camera side by side, and showed that the regular video camera’s shutter speed was the reason for rod picture. It was a bug flying by, flapping its wings faster than the cameras shutter speed. The camera just sees a blurring where the bug flies through the camera frame.

  • rickg1724:

    caught the link on C2C and tho i dont know how to make videos I can judge them pretty well

    GREAT VIDEO…thumbs up

    and yes itll be a bug but that dont take away ftrom it being fun and oh ya…the kids are awesome lol

  • utubin67:

    it’s kind of cool how it seems to want to pass through his hands.. that makes it mysterious.. though of course we could all speculate on the coincidence of things.. but .. still pretty cool.. cute kid too

  • DJPickett:

    4 frames equals 4/60s of a second…too fast for insects.
    In even 1 frame the rod traveled 4-6 inches in 1/60th second

  • aylera:

    @KittiesMama Yea, that was fun! Cool video.

  • JoWhoJoMomma:

    @KittiesMama Its not a bug, It is most definitely is a rod……Many people have filmed them and someday we WILL no what they really are

  • 1007ted:

    sure looks like it is spiraling or twirling

  • TheJoshJman:

    DEFINITELY A ROD! and plus, if it was intended to do harm, the kid would’ve been harmed!

  • thomthe:

    Haven’t these been proven to be insects?

  • twasbrillig33:

    It may be just an insect but I think the synchronicity (which is a meaningful coincidence) of what Johah was doing (conjuring his super powers) and the path of the “rod” is very interesting and worth a deeper consideration (again, even if the rod is just an insect). For example, nature spirits could influence the insects path and/or it could also be an example of how thoughts can influence material reality. Just a thought.

  • mfritz0:


  • Teufelritter:

    great video…..amazing..good job.

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