Is it weird for a young teen to be interested in the great mysteries and questions of the universe? ?

Im into cryptozoology, history, space science, government conspiracy and even some of my teachers look at me funny……

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  • Carla B:

    It is not weird being interested in all those great thing, It is good and I think you’re a smart person.
    I like learn new things about the universe.

  • MaryMaryMary:

    Not at all! I’ve always been interested in astronomy etc and even scored the highest mark in my university class. All of my friends think I’m cool and I’m about to marry an international pilot who is a very interesting and wonderful man.

    Don’t let society or others make you feel weird for being a curious and intelligent young person. You’ll be the one who ends up with a really interesting career making loads of money when the others will be working at a fast food takeout shop!

  • Neil A:

    No be proud of urself, i wanna be an astronaut in da near future and i’m proud of it. I doing all ma best to get through it. Don’t get scared, is not weird. There is a quote- “i had rather be a failure at what i like than to be a success at what i hate”.


  • think09:

    No, I was and still am the same way you are. I love quantum and theoretical physics (cosmology), any marine science, and i’m a pantheist and an anarchist. I am totally different from most, if not all the people I know. Its going to be difficult for you to relate to people, so I suggest that you do activities where you can meet other like minded people or else you will be miserable for a while until you do. Trust me on this!

    Life becomes so much more fun and interesting when you find other like minded people to share your ideas with, no matter how ridiculous they sound to others.

  • Bob D:

    Think09 is right. Don’t worry about what other think. It is what you think that counts. Pursue your interest and continue to learn new things and develop new skills. But I wouldn’t neglect those areas of life that don’t seem to interest you much right now. Later on, you are going to need to be a well rounded individual in order to get anywhere in science or in life. A basic rule of thumb is: you can be the smartest person in the world, but if you can’t communicate or relate to others, you won’t be going anywhere. That old saying, it isn’t what you know, but who you know that counts—it is true. Life works that way. Learn to be comfortable with people so that they can be comfortable with you.

    Here’s some links that you may find very interesting and perhaps even useful:


    The Teaching Company

    Both organizations offer some excellent science and math courses.

    Good luck.

  • Innocent Victim:

    People will always look funny at those of us who stand out from the crowd. Yes, it’s weird to be interested in those things, in the sense of it being an unusual set of interests. The usual set of interests, though, is quite shallow and trivial by comparison. Wear your weirdness proudly; it’s a badge of honor, in a way.

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