Interactive Ghost Caught on Most Haunted Amazing Footage

Watch now and discover the truth behind Most Haunted, heres what’s really happening to the team. Burt is back with his ghostly antics keeping the Most Haunted team on their toes!

25 Responses to “Interactive Ghost Caught on Most Haunted Amazing Footage”

  • Jamie4Michaela:

    haha lmao

  • PAC1977IRISH:

    i used to love this program…I used to love Stu and the D man…but they became cunts. And its totally fake now. The first few seasons used to be real…do you know why? Because nothing happened!!… its just shit.

  • teeznutz0:


  • KatieBarber:

    usually, I hate MH parody videos, as they tend to be quite obnoxious and done by cunty little 16-year-olds that think they’re clever … but this video, however, is well well entertaining and actually worth a watch. well done! thanks for the laughs x

  • sheridenwoodward:

    “what color knickers are you wearing?” XD LMFAO

  • FlashTwister:

    great job with the doors. I crapped myself laughing

  • whatpiffle:

    “can you bring back derek? I liked derek!”
    ^ SO FUNNY <3

    but does anyone actually know which live the one with the phone was?!
    i actually want to watch it.

  • Solarfactor:

    So this is what really happened on Most Haunted. ;)
    The “Billy Connolly” line killed me, BTW. Simply brilliant.

  • ProbTron:

    He he he I missed this for some reason?
    Well done again IDM team :)

  • danianandy:

    need his own show this fella fucking genius love these most haunted piss takes


    Brilliant can i do a video with you

  • actresstobe1408:

    this is funny as fuck

  • RevurbRecords:

    u are actually brilliant my freind keep the videos coming please!

  • Brotherpopoff:

    i like leaving comments on burts videos because nobody watches his videos thus meaning i can prattle on and on and say things like i killed my neighbours cat and posted it all mashed up through her letter box and she thought it was mince and made a pie and sold it at the fate and someone ate it and died and she went to prison and had a heart attack and died

  • Brotherpopoff:

    i apologise for spelling my other fictional name wrong. My mame is mr blanK. Just incase you were wondering. Do you want me to kill myself. Push the red button now.

  • Brotherpopoff:

    hello this is mr blanc. I have no friends. I spend weekends at the cematary talking to myself. I like it best when it rains. I suggest beans and butter


    Unseen footage and there is actually a ghost apparition that appears unknown to the video makers. Watch carefully in the balloon bang shot.

  • Brotherpopoff:

    i want to sit on your head burt then you can tell me whats on your mind.

  • KnapyPuppy:

    The Finger Smash in the beginning had me laughing through the entire video! It caught me off guard, how unexpected it was!

  • MantasMum:

    “Bring Back Derek, I used to like him” LOL ! BRILLIANT ! Thanks x

  • TheCableGuy0125:

    loool glad to see a new video burt. Sorry I couldn’t see it earlier on, my account is disabled for 2 weeks. Nice video. Most haunted is a crock of shit lol


    I think this should be called THE TRUTH REAL OR FAKE.? Most haunted 2010.


    I think this should be called THE TRUTH REAL OR FAKE.? Most haunted 2010.

  • wotusay69:

    burt, i have the greatest idea ever!!!!
    u should sneak into a bulding they are about to investigate……….and u should definateley do the knicker colour asking thing over the phone

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