I’m thinking about having a kid’s Halloween party. Any suggestions for food, games and decorations.?

Thanks in advance :-)

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  • MuffinMan:

    We always make “eyeball” cookies which are really just any flat round cookie spread with a white icing and then a red dot in the middle – some even get blood shot marks!

    We also make “finger” sandwiches. Make any kind of sandwich you like on regular square bread. Cut the bread into 3 long “fingers”. Use a knife to round the ends to make them more finger like. Lastly, add a half of an almond on the end to make a finger nail.

    These things are good food but the kids (and adults) find the presentation creepy, but adorable.

    BTW, we also usually have a pumpking carving contest.

    Good Luck!

  • alex g:

    have some punch candy and pinatas and like if there like 11 or ^ have like a dance/party type thing. twister is a fun game. like skelotons that hang off the celing and pumpkins out side thoughs things u put out side and say somthing when it sees motion stuff like that would be a good idea

  • suppy_sup:

    Make your house a haunted house. Make it dark, scary Halloween noises, lights flashing, cats meowing at randoms points, decorations!

    I once made a punch for Halloween and put dry ice in it, it made it smoke and it was pretty cool! You could do that but don’t let anyone touch the dry ice of course! Have someone take the chain off a chain saw and turn it on! That’ll freak the kids out!

    A good game for a dark spooky place is hide-‘n’-go-seek.

  • momofoneandhalf:

    Decorations-Just get some construction paper, glue, pipe cleaners, some paint, and paperplates. You can make a spider out of a paper plate painted black w/ pipe cleaners and some of those gogglie eyes. Also can make a Jackolantern with a paperplate, orange paint and yellow paint, and green contruction paper for the stem. You could also make some fall or halloween garland by taking small strips of construction paper and gluing it together to make a ring then you take a different colored strip and put it through the ring and glue together to make another ring and so on till your garland reaches the length you want.

    Games- bobbling for apples, telling spooky stores, doing that thing were they close their eyes and pretend to touch the witches hair( cold spaghetti) her eyes ( peeled grappes) etc.

    Food- apples candied, dipped in caramel &nut or just plain, smores, pumpkin flavored cookies, Hot cider, popcorn balls, Pumpkin seeds,

  • Florida Dawn 13:

    I made a two witch cake once it was two doll cakes dressed like witches and they were standing over what looked like a fire it was really a bread bowl filled with spinach dip and each with was holding a pretzel to be stirring with. Under the bowl was stuck red and yellow peppers and pretzel sticks as wood.

  • babeintheburg:

    try Witches Hands!

    take a plastic “food serving” glove…(not a rubber glove) and put a candy corn in each of the finger tips as the finger nails…then fill the glove with cheese popcorn and tie the opening of the glove with ribbon.. and put a spider ring on the ring finger!!! KIDS LOVE THEM!!!

  • riversconfluence:

    Decorate scary, little kids love to be scared. Rubber grinning spiders hanging from the chandeliers, gauzzy see-through ghosts, spooky sound effects and a kids halloween music CD. Hang halloween lights, darken the room lights.Get someone to dress up as a forune teller, and tell fortunes.
    check out the local discount retailer for electric moving decorations, one candy dish has a hand that tries to snatch the candy back. Or have adults dress up, and do a walk through, tell about who they are, and give out candy. Cupcakes with either plastic spiders and such, or if you have money or talent, buy or make some with frosting decorations. Make a grab bag with candy and favors, rubber spiders, little skeltons, whatever the party store has. For a nicer gift, a plastic halloween flashlight, some have colored plastic lenses, and halloween cutouts to make spooky shapes with, and they can take them trick-or-treating for safety. A couple bucks at the retail dicount store..
    The blindfold the kid, and have him reach in a bowl full of worms(cold spagetti) or eyeballs (grapes) works, especially for little boys. Draw a face or design on the pumpkin works for the older crowd, and the pumpkin goes home with the kid as a favor.
    Have a halloween trivia contest, age appropriate, with prizes. Like what is white, see through, and floats? Who has long eye teeth, a black cape, and bites people?
    If buget and talent permit, cardboard sceenary like a haunted castle/dungeon are cool.
    Check out Martha Stewart, she has had a few halloween shows, bet she has some cool ideas. Check out the question and answers a couple past this one. Great ideas.

  • mymadsky:

    You HAVE to have dry ice in the punch bowl my 7 year old loved that one! Cotten candy cob webs ( a cotten candy machine is $15 at Target). Anything with gummy worms is always fun too…

  • mbjwithouse:

    Nobody ever wants invitation ideas…..Oh well….lol….


    Frozen Pumpkins
    You will need 1 orange per guest, vanilla ice cream, and canned pumpkin pie mix, With this recipes, 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream mixed with an 8 ounce can of pumpkin pie mix will fill 8-12 oranges. Adjust the amount for your number of guests.

    Cut the top of the oranges as you would a pumpkin, scoop out the insides and pat them dry. You can save the pulp and juice for breakfast. Draw little jack-o-lantern faces on them with a black felt tip pen. Soften the ice cream and blend it thoroughly with the pumpkin pie mix. Scoop the mixture into the “pumpkins” and freeze. Set them out about 5 minutes before serving.


    is a great site to go to for recipes.


    Gather the “ghouls” for a costume judging contest. You can award a prize for best costume or turn it into the main event.

    You could award prizes for the following; most ugliest, most embarrassing, most original, the costume that took the most work, the costume that took the most nerve to wear, and so on.

    Have a pumpkin carving contest. Award prizes for the ugliest, best, worst, and most creative pumpkins.

    Pass the pretzel is another good game. Have the kids line up into 2 teams and give everyone a cotton swab. Make sure you nip the cotton off of one end before hand. Have them put their hands behind their backs. Place a pretzel on the last person’s in line swab and have them pass it up the line. If it drops the person who dropped it picks it up and puts it back on their swab and trys to pass it again. The first team to pass the pretzel to the end wins.

    And what about bobbing for apples? It is an oldie but a goodie.

    Play “Creepy Quotes”. Divide up into teams. You can have has many teams has you want or even just award prizes to each person who answers the question first and correctly. Read a quote from a horror movie and have your quests either call out their answers or raise their hands. (This allows you with young kids to insure no-one gets ignored.)


    is a good site to get movie quotes from.


    Carved Pumpkins

    Spiderwebs from fiberfill and Spiders made out of styrofoam and pipe cleaners.

    Ghosts can be made from old white sheets. Simply blow up large white balloon and slip under a sheet. Draw eyes and secure the sheet to the balloon with double sided sticky tape. This allows your ghosts to float around the room haunting.

    If you plan on serving a punch you can make a hand to float in your bowl. Simply take a glove made for food handling. Make sure you check the labels some gloves are not safe to use. Add APPROXIMATELY 2 drops of brown food coloring per glove. Brown can be found you just have to look. I have also used red for a bloody effect.

    Here is the recipes for brown food coloring.
    7 red drops/2 yellow drops/1 blue drop. It will give you a nice light brown. Dilute with drops of water until you achieve the skin tone you desire.

    To make the hand simply fill glove with water and add the desired amount of food coloring to make the “skin-tone” you desire. Freeze until hand is solid. These are great because you an make these in advance. To remove the glove simply dip in warm water for a few seconds and peel glove away. Then place it in a bowl of punch for a ghastly effect.

    I had a friend who proceeded to make these and place them in any body of water he could find. Including the cooler he kept the drinks in. He was quite inventive of where he stuck them for people to find.

    Make sure you have some spooky music to play. You can find some cheap pre-made cds that have all sorts of sounds at many dollar and discount stores. I recommend having a cd of Halloween songs to play to… People screaming every five minutes can get annoying. So you will want to rotate to assure a variety.

    How about a graveyard? You can make realistic looking headstones for cheap out of strofoam and some spray paint. As long has you do not spray to heavily the paint will leave a nice slightly weathered look.

    Hope this helps!! Good Luck on your party.

    Feel free to email me at mbjwithouse@yahoo.com

  • Diana D:

    So many great ideas already. Here’s one last one to add to the list and the kids can help prepare it. Get some plastic gloves, like the kind used when coloring hair. Place a piece of candy corn at end of each finger to look like fingernail, then fill the hand with popped popcorn. Slip a plastic spider or pumpkin ring on one of the fingers, tie off with twist tie with ribbon over it. Great to have sticking out of a basket, box or pumpkin for the kids to enjoy or pass them out when they are leaving to go home.

    oooooooooooooo have a spooktacular time!

  • awommack:

    cup cakes cookie apple

  • The Squirrel:

    Great Decorations and Favors sold very inexpensively at
    or http://www.ssww.com

  • Katz:

    It depends on the ages of the kids. Pizza is always a big hit at any kids party and easy too. In my experience, kids just dont care about food presentation at all. Keep decorations simple..use lots of black and orange balloons and black and orange streamers. Use fake spider webs and fake spiders. Pick up a few Halloween music CD’s too.

    The one game I can think of for Halloween is the mummy wrap. Google it for the rules.

  • cinneide:

    Hi smoochies

    There aren’t many things I like more than organizing Halloween parties for my kids.

    You have some great ideas already. Here is an article I wrote recently that may give you some more ideas.


    Walking the streets from home to home trick-or-treating is becoming a thing of the past. This is due to all the bad experiences that children and adults have had to deal with throughout the history of Halloween. Dangers seem to be lurking around every corner. Children and parents run the risk of being hit by a car when crossing streets after dark. The fact that there may be a predator close by waiting for an opportunity to prey on innocent children is a huge concern of all parents, especially on Halloween night.

    However, this does not mean that Halloween is a thing of the past. It is still one of the biggest holidays celebrated today. People are just finding better, safer ways to observe this haunted holiday instead of trick or treating. One of the best ways to do this is by providing a Halloween party for children. Start making plans ahead of time. Gather together with other parents in the neighbor and put together a plan. The party can be held at someone’s house or pool your money together and rent out a room at the nearest YMCA or recreation center. What safer place to hold a Halloween party for children.

    It is important to have someone who can be in charge of the party that can assign each parent a responsibility. Several people should be in charge of supplying the refreshments, all the great tasting food, and of course lots of candy. Children’s Halloween parties should have plenty of punch, water and other refreshments. Deserts such as pumpkin pies, cakes, apples and other snacks are a necessity. Three or four people can be in charge of the games. Not only to make sure there are plenty of small prizes and treats for the children to enjoy, but to also supervise. There should be games setup for different age groups such as a go fish stand for smaller children and a basketball game for teenagers. Bobbing for apples is a game that can be enjoyed at most any age.

    For added enjoyment there should be a costume contest at the end of the night. It would be best if they offer several categories to judge allowing for more than one winner. For instance, you can have a separate contest for the scariest, cutest, most original, and most elegant costume. Have plenty of supervision available, after all safety is the number one concern. When you know your child is enjoying a great Halloween in a safe environment it makes everyone have a better holiday.

  • kristen t:

    martha stewart had a halloween special last year, it lasted for a week. she had lots of great ideas for everything from food to decorations to games. check out her website, marthastewart.com. it was on her new show martha, not the old one. good luck

  • lona b:

    Try the Glow People on eBay you can purchase 100 glow braclets for a penny at auction shipping is 12.95.

  • squirrels_rock2000:

    Oh how cool. Love those.
    -cupcakes that look like spiders… (chocolate frosting with licorice as legs and m & m’s for eyes)
    -spaghetti (that’s like brains or worms)
    -worms in dirt ice cream… (cookies ‘n cream ice cream with gummy worms and oreo bits)
    -pizza, hotdogs, burgers (at least they’ll eat this…)
    -cookies (shaped like pumpkins, ghosts, witches)
    -red punch (blood kinda looking)
    -do a freeze dance game ( the kids dance and when you stop the music they all should stop and if they don’t they lose. last one standing wins.)
    -have a costume contest
    -see you can make the scariest face
    -tell ghost stories
    -not really a game but… make a haunted house
    -tag is always fun
    -put up black construction paper
    -get black lights
    -a fog mister
    -glow in the dark star stickers

  • chris and mel r:

    I did this two years ago and it was a blast. I made from just construction paper a big orange pumpkin. Then i cut all the pieces you would use to decorate the pumpkin. (funny eyes, ears hat, nose, anything you want) Then we played like pin the tail on the donkey accept it was decorate your pumpkin. The kids loved it and they all signed it when they were done. I didn’t even have to go buy anything for it all you need is constuction paper, tape and a pen (oh don’t forget the blindfold , scarf will work.) have fun

  • Calvin of China, PhD:

    The treats should be for the health of the children. Cake squares with bright color does not need much sugar. Use low calorie candy, but never offer too much. You can add food color to popcorn while it pops.to appear as blood. Swinging apples is fun; never have then dip their heads in water, unsafe.

    (Other Ideas you can think about)
    Give your room an eerie glow with dim lights, soft green light bulbs

    Spread some dried bread and pretzels under a rug. When your guests walk across the rug it will sound like crunching bones underfoot!

    You can record several scary sounds and play it back during the festivities.

    A very large sheet of poster board or sheet metal makes great thunder.

    Uncooked rice poured onto a cookie sheet sounds like rain.

    Crinkle a handful of cellophane for a roaring fire.

    Snap carrots in half for the sound of breaking bones.

    Flap a plastic bag in front of the microphone for the sound of bats.

    Slowly blow bubbles with a straw into a bowl for that bog sound.

    Lighting When you have everything so dimly lit it’s a good idea to have some reflective tape over the Exits.

    A black light bulb is always a good effect, especially if you are dressed as a skeleton!

  • phil d:

    peel grapes have kids put hands in the bowl and teell them its eyeballs .put aballon in abedsheet tie around ballon.hang outsidelet kids think it a ghost

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