Im planning a halloween party (FOR TEENS), any game ideas?

NEed game ideas for the party im throwing, games that will get the party people excited or things that are cool.

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  • Dr. Noah Tawl:

    Bobbing for french fries.

  • reinadelfuego:

    Doesn’t the classic game of bobbing for apples be fun? I dunno, that might not work cause not everyone may not wanna get wet……and cold. Hmmmm, are there any corn mazes nearby, I heard those things are fun, whoever makes it to the end of the maze gets the door prize. Bonfires are a good halloween party element. Design and smash the pumpkins, people vote on which pumpkin is the worst and someone gets to smash it, whoever has the best pumpkin carving wins a door prize. What about 7 minutes in heaven? That’s a classic game, especially with teens and if you want your party indoors. I hope these ideas work for you?

  • Sarah P:

    Outdoor game – Capture the Pumpkins
    Indoors – Halloween Fear Factor
    Eat Your Brains, Operation Body parts or other teen games I found here

    Good luck

  • Rus J:

    Photo scavenger hunt, Have them do a film festival and create their own scary movie and post on youtube – – I thought the games here were pretty good to – good variety

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