I’m having a Halloween party for 5 or 6 children, does anyone have any great ideas for games?

The children are ages 5-10 years old. We are having a pizza party, with cupcake decorating, pumpkin painting, and a candy hunt…what games would you suggest, how are they played and what do I need? Thanks in advance.

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  • Shi.:

    What about pin the tail on the black cat!

  • roamin70:

    Mummy wrap – teams of two ppl, one gets a roll of toilet paper and one gets wrapped up, the first to run out of paper wins.

    Balloon relays – two teams, split in two on each end of the room, bounce a balloon from one end of the room to waiting team mates

    Broom-stick races – kinda the same of the balloon relays only two kids sit on the same broom stick trying to beat other team

  • waywayoutside:

    Of course there’s the traditional bobbing for apples, but you can put interesting spins on the activity…..hang the apples from strings and kids have to take one full bite. This can be done as an individual game, or, if you aren’t terrified of germs, as a team game where you time the game and the team who has eaten most of the apple wins. Another variation, bobbing for wieners in whipped cream – messy but fun!

    Another activity which has been fun for parties I have hosted is the “haunted room.” Lead kids 1×1 through the room where there is ‘creepy’ stuff like “brains” (a head of cauliflower covered in vaseline), “eye balls” (a bowl of peeled grapes), “guts” (pumkin pulp works weel for this), etc. To make it extra scary, have someone hide under the table and grab the child’s leg just before they leave the room. Remember to tell each child to keep the grabbing a secret so the next child can have a howl too.

  • empea:

    You could darken the room and play spin the torchlight and have questions and forfeits (instead of truth or dare).
    I am guessing you are N. American (‘cupcake’ and ‘candy’!!) There is a kids game available there that you buy in the form of notepads where you ask for nouns, adjectives, colours, name of a person in the room and you fill in the story, the read it back – eg the ghost came in dressed in (item of clothing) rattling his (noun)…always makes them laugh.
    You could divide them into two teams and get them to stuff a scarecrow. We sew jumpers to trousers (ie. sweaters to pants!), stuff with newspapers, tie the arms and legs with string, stuff a bag for the head and place a paper plate face over the bag – prize for the best team.
    You could also hang ring doughnuts/toffee apples from the clothes line and get them to eat them hands behind their back… or place sweets in a mound of flour and get them to find them without using their hands….
    That’s all I can think of – best of luck.

  • free2bbossy:


  • Mudder/ Gi:

    One thing that was fun for the kids when mine were you was to pre cut out two identical black cat heads out of construction paper for each child. give them a piece of tissue paper for eye color. You glue the tissue across the holes on one piece and then when you glue the two head pieces together you can see the eyes. We put these on Windows and when it was light they could see the eyes etc . At night if someone looks through your windows it is cute to see the eyes or the grin of the cat etc. Precut {since they are young} the holes, though both pieces of paper for the eyes. You can do noses and mouth too if you want. They let them paste them together and add crayolas for coloring on them. I know it isn’t a game but the kids always liked it. Variance would be ghosts or pumpkins or ghouls etc.

    Play Halloween Bingo. Take cardboard or construction paper etc and make it so there are only a few -maybe 9 squares} on each square put a different picture or Halloween sticker and give them candy corn as place markers/ Then when you call it is cat or witch instead of B33 etc.

  • Jenessa:

    pinatas are always a hit!
    you can hang doughnuts from a tree limb and have the kids eat them off the string.
    a bean bag toss – just stitch together some felt with pintos inside and mark some lines or something. shape the bags like cats and pumpkins etc.
    when my parents ran the halloween carnival for my elementary school one of the new games they implemented that was a huge hit (1st-8th grades) was to use hinges to secure bowling pins to a thick board, stabilize the board and then try to knock down the pins with bean bags. i’m sure you could do it without the board (that was mostly so it didn’t get lost at the school) – my sister and i covered the pins to look like black cats.

  • victoriah68:

    Cook spaghetti and drain it, sprinkle it with oil and let it cool down. Then put in a black pot”cauldron” and mix in play insects and other “treasures” mix it good and then put a paper plate with a hole cut in it for the hands on the pot and the kids take turns reaching into the “brains” to find treasure.

    I did it for my daughter’s 4th grade class party and they loved it.

  • yardchicken2:

    cut out a card board ghost with an open mouth that is fairly wide. Have the kids toss bean bags (made mine with felt and rice) to “feed the ghost”

    This is always a hit: Put in a small paper bag fun/silly “tricks” printed on slips of paper. Have a big bowl of “treats” to the side.
    Tell the kids they can take turns doing a trick for a treat. favorite trick – act like a piece of popcorn! Hardest trick for most – say the ABC’s backwards.

    Dry Bobbing for apples. If you don’t want to have all the water – Tie the apple stems to string and hang from the ceiling or tree limb. try to have an apple for each kid to try and get loose from the string.

    Sundae decorating — Have a few cans of whip cream and some sprinkles (MM’s colored sprinkles, marshmallows…) and chocolate syrup. Then buy a bag of those individual serving cups of ice cream at walmart/store. Have a volunteer mom posted at this station!

    I used 2 litre drink bottles filled with about an inch of water as bowling pins and a bouncy ball (about 6-8 inches) as the bowling ball.

    I had BAD luck with pinyata’s and so has several friends – One kids always gets hit in the head and then they step all over each other trying to grab the candy. Try to avoid a pinyata

    One year I made the pizza dough the day before and shaped them to all look like pumpkins. Then I used yellow cheese and red sauce to make it look kind of orange. That’s a bit of work though

    If you go online and type in “Halloween games, Kids” you will get tons of them.

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