Ideas on how to make a magic mirror Halloween costume?

I am being snow white so one of my nephews wants to be the magic mirror. I can’t figure out the best way to make this for him. I wanted it to be something that could just set on his shoulders and look like the mirror frame around his face – then he could just wear all black. Any ideas on how to make this?

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  1. umm i kinda am thinkin the same idea that u had, but u could also maybe take little mirrors and put them all over his stomach to form a square and then maybe it could possibly work.

  2. You could make his body like the handle maybe? I’ve seen mirrory-type wrapping paper at the dollar store before and its kinda stretchy a little bit. You could stretch it over one of those knitting circles. (I dont know what they’re really called but they’re sold as 2 wooden circles that fit into each other with a screw closure on the bottom.

  3. Maybe Use Some Tin Foil Or Shiny Silver Fabric To Look Like A Mirror.
    I Dont Really Know What Else To Suggest lol Sorry.

  4. You could get a sandwhich board thing which goes over your nephews shoulders, and paint or stick on a picture of the mirror on the front. Your nephew could wear all black if he wanted underneath this.
    You could also paint his face as the magic mirror, and make him wear black.
    Even if your nephew wore a mask painted as the magic mirror (this would be probly the cheapest option) people would still recognise him.

    Good luck with the costume xx

  5. Magic is my life, so a magic mirror costume is no problem. First, get an oval shaped picture frame. These can be picked up fairly cheap in most department stores.

    Buy enough black felt to not only cover the back of the frame, but to allow room for your nephew to fit inside.

    Attach the black felt to the top and sides of the back of the frame, leaving the bottom open.

    Take two wire coat hangers and form shoulder hooks, then attach these to the back sides of the frame. Make sure to have the hooks set to a position where his face will be about center in the frame.

    Next you will want to make a strap that will go from the bottom back of the frame and wrap around your nephew and keep the frame from tipping over.

    That’s about it. Very easy to make and should not take very long.

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