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  1. ok i always go to halloween parties and the best thing to do is tell scary stories and if you can get like your brothers or sisters to get scary masks and hide in the backyard or something then just after you tell a scary story tell them to start baning on the windows and all stuff then get your mum or dad to go outside then when she/he opens the door they rush in to the bedroom and scare the shyt outta you and your friends :P happened to me my friends brothers and friends did that and before his mum went out side my friend(the person who threw the party) was saying to his mum “call the f*cking police mum” over and over HAHA

  2. Wow- where to start??!!!

    – sweets in a tray of something sticky (no hands aloud!), followed by getting one out of a tray of icing sugar, winner is the person with the least mess on their face
    – pinata
    – apple bobbing
    – fancy dress contest
    – assult course
    – picture drawing contest, some thing simple like a child draw house- catch is you can only hold the open in your teeth!

    The list is endless, anything silly that will make you laugh at yourself!

    At the end, have an ‘awards ceremony’ one for the adults, one for the kids!

  3. Some great halloween games that children love is pin the nose on the witch and apple bobbing! Also a fun game would be to hang a wire or a string and tie donuts hanging from the string and have the children try and eat them the fastest! A cool adult game is
    Halloween Fortune Telling – In this game, your guests put their knowledge of one another to the test and get to know each other better.

    Simply hand out slips of paper and a pencil to each guest. Each person then chooses a person at the party (maybe even himself or herself), but doesn’t tell anyone who it is. Then, everyone write a “fortune” for that person, folds it, and puts it into the fishbowl. You can have everyone write one or several; that’s up to you.

    Then, each guest pulls out a slip of paper and reads the fortune. He then tries to guess which person wrote the fortune and which person the fortune is about.

    Some examples of fortunes might be:

    “This person will get caught doing something illegal and spend the night in jail.”

    “This person will marry someone from a foreign country.”

    ”This person will quit his job and buy a Corvette when he turns fifty.”

    “This person will adopt a child.”

    “This person will become President of the PTA.”

    You get the idea. Each person who correctly guesses wins a small prize, and this game is a delightful way to get conversations started at your Halloween bash.

    A really cool variation of this game is to have each guest put their name on a piece of paper and drop into the bowl. Then have each guest draw a name from the bowl and have the one who drew the name make up a scary story about the name drawn. Then have the other guest guess

  4. activities: hay rides, pumpkin decorating, making carmel apples, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, haunted house, scavenger hunt, ghost stories, light as a feather still as a board, costume contest, bonfire, face painting, scary movie marathon

  5. *A fun game I have always loved is find the bubble gum. Get a pie pan and put reddi or cool whip in it. Next put a piece of bubble gum hidden inside the whip. Have the person hold their hands behind there back and search for it with there mouths. when they find the gum the first one to chew and blow a bubble wins.

    *Have a scavenger hunt and have treats alll over, or you can actually have a real one and hide clues everywhere. Have the clue lead them to a prize.

    *Get a string and put donuts on it. Have two people whole each side of the string. Any players have there hands behind there backs and have to try eating the donut. The one who eats the donut first and has the least on the ground wins.

    * Do apple bobbing orhay rides or even hide and seek in the dark.

    I hoped I helped and hope you have an awesome halloween party.!

  6. Since you have a diverse crowd (kids and adults) you should have activities that work for everyone.

    2 things always work for the adults; costume contests and karaoke. You can go wrong with them.

    Hand out several different prizes for the costume contest, most realistic, made everyone laugh, best overall, most creative…

    Don’t leave the kids out either. Give everyone a little trophy!

    For karaoke you should keep all the songs “Halloween” themed. Here are a few to get you started –

    I Put a Spell on You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
    Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra
    Highway to Hell – AC/DC
    Monster Mash – Bobby Boris Pickett
    Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley
    VooDoo Child – Jimi Hendrix
    Super Freak – Rick James
    Led Zeppelin – No Quarter
    Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Sympathy for the Devil – Rolling Stones
    Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult

    Now for the kids you should do scavenger hunt. We have a great one on our site – http://www.party411.com/halloween-scavenger.html

    Here is an example of the clues –

    First Clue

    There’s a special place that you must go to.
    To discover a cauldron of witch’s brew.
    Dunk one team member’s face to find
    the apple of your team’s design.

    What you do: Set up a cauldron of “Witch’s Brew” where everyone can bob for apples. Tie a different color of string around the stem of each apple, and make sure the teams know which color they are and that they must bob for the apple with their team’s color on the stem.

    Second Clue

    For your next task you must retrieve
    a set of tootsies among the leaves.
    Look up, look down and you may see
    a pair of feet in a great big tree.

    What you do: Cut a pair of feet in each team’s color out of construction paper. Hang the feet in the trees- if you want you can color red on the feet to make them look dismembered. Each team must somehow get their pair of “dismembered feet” from the trees.

    And so on. There are 11 clues in all. Or use this as a template and do your own, the kids will love it!

    Have a great time, and Happy Halloween!

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