I need ideas for a 4th grade halloween party. Any games, food, craft or activity ideas would be great!?

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  • Guelph:

    Mummy wrap. Break them into teams of 3 or 4. One kid is the mummy while the others wrap him/her in toilet paper. First team to completely cover their mummy wins. You can decide as to the appropriate prize.

    Icey hands. Serve punch. The night before borrow or buy some latex surgical gloves and fill them with water, leaving enough room to tie off the ends. Then freeze them overnight so the night of the party you have hand-shaped ice floating in the punch.

  • ericismenowwhoareu:

    Well if its a school associated thing you could make different areas and make the childern andwer questions via flash cards ect. for prizes. You can cut out or draw the pumpkins and have shapes and thisng and have the children decorate them and hae them all numbered and have a vote for the winners, just dont tell then what number is theres until after the voting is done. Hope this gives you a few ideas of your own.

  • Becky O:

    Do a witches or warlock party/ ball. They can either be good witches or bad. Dressed like fairies, or wizards or in black. They can sign in when they arrive with a name. They can also write a paper that gives a history of the person they are. You could have music playing and have food like it is a formal ball they are attending.

  • mightyt100:

    Make Green Slime – Kids love doing this –

    2 c. corn starch
    1 c. water
    Few drops food coloring (green)

    Mix all ingredients and send outside to kids to play with interesting texture.(or make and put in individual plastic baggies for them to take home)

    Ghoulish games
    Post the ghost on the haunted house
    The aim here is to see who can come closest to stationing a ghost in one of the windows of a haunted house. To make the house, cut the top of a large sheet of dark-colored poster board or cardboard so that it resembles a pitched roof. Use a white crayon to draw a door. Cut a bunch of good-size rectangular windows out of yellow construction paper and use a glue stick to attach them to the poster board. Then, using poster tack (a putty-like adhesive that won’t pull paint off, sold in art supply and stationery stores), attach the house to a wall at a level the kids can easily reach. Next, cut a ghostly shape out of a white paper plate for each child, draw on eyes, and attach a small ball of poster tack to the back. When you’re ready to get the activity going, blindfold the kids one at a time, give them a twirl or two, and send them toward the house to post their ghosts.

    Eight-legged spider race
    For this wacky game, divide the kids into teams of four. (If you don’t have enough players for at least two teams, simply stage a six- or four-legged race.) Have the players in each group stand with their backs together and link arms so that everyone’s facing outward. On cue, each team tries to be the first to scramble over the finish line. Be warned: It’s a lot more challenging — and hilarious — than you’d imagine.

    Wrap the mummy
    Here’s a fun challenge that’s just right for wrapping up your party game roster. For each contestant, you’ll need a clean empty 2-liter plastic soda bottle and a roll of white crepe paper (the kind used for streamers). When you give the signal each child quickly wraps his bottle, mummy-style, with the streamer. When the kids have finished, recognize each one’s talent by announcing the quickest wrapper, the kid who covered his mummy most completely, the one with the unique technique, and so on.


  • kb4ilb:

    we used to decorate cookie with orange and the kids really liked them —— But the school board decided its not good for food to be brought to school for the classes so we dont do it anymore and with all the perverts out there i understand their reasoning , but each child can bring their lunch if they dont want to eat in lunch room which is okay with us ———-

  • Susi B:

    pin the broom on the witch, ghosts in the graveyard, mini pumpkin decorating with markers, leaf pressing,

  • Chillipepper:

    A themed treasure hunt always works well in my experience. You set it up by hiding collectible tokens (stick-on stars or coloured dots) around the house or garden and the kids have to collect them to claim a prize from a goody bag of sweets or little toys or whatever you fancy. You could theme it to make it more educational too by getting them to collect different kinds of leaves from the garden – a prize for the one who gets the biggest variety.
    The essential prop for these hunts is a willing adult to dispense the goodies – there’s always one who’s a kid at heart and will intervene when the inevitable cheats start to spoil the game for the others. Good luck!

  • branchcaptain:

    Right away have the kids do a search on the internet for three of their favorite “Easy to Make-at-home Costumes”. They should write up the details as an assignment. After correction they should give them to their parents for this year’s costume ideas.
    In the days leading up to the party read spooky stories to the kids. Allow (but don’t insist) the kids to draw and color pumpkins, black cats, scare crows, haunted houses, and other Halloween themed items while you read to them. Then hang up the drawings when they are done. Also, they can glue/paste their creations onto medium sized paper grocery bags with handles to make their Trick or Treat Bags. Read about Bats (science) and about how to make a bat habitat. Also, while listening to your stories they can glue pasta and beans onto black contruction paper to create Pasta Skeletons.

    Another make at home and bring to class contest can be a Halloween Treat baking contest. After recognizing the winners, the class can share in the treat.

    Good luck and have fun!
    Ask the kids to research and bring in “Halloween Jokes” to share with the class each day during October.

    start them off with a few from http://www.halloween.com

    Q. What do goblins and ghosts drink when they’re hot and thirsty on Halloween? A. Ghoul-aid!!!

    Q. What is a Mummie’s favorite type of music? A. Wrap!!!!!

    Play spooky music at times and ghost sounds at unexpected times during October.
    Ask the kids if they would like to work as a class (along with their parent volunteers and the other 4th grade classes) to create and run a real haunted house. Ask the principal if you can use a classroom to set up and run your haunted house on your party day. Then let the kids from the other grades go through the haunted house created and run by the 4th grade class.
    Other favorite Halloween party activities are:
    * Bob for Apples
    * Jack-o-lantern contest (carved at home w/ parental supervision) with several categories of winners: * spookiest
    * most intricate
    * most unique
    * easiest to carve
    Ask the kids to start saving their candy wrappers and soup cans for a Candy Wrapped Pencil Can project:
    Glue the wrappers onto the outside of the can and then use a paint brush to cover the whole can with Mod Podge (found at craft stores).


  • chrissy b:

    Go to Kraftfoods.com they have ideas for food cake and some party ideas for all occasions

  • Pin:

    Made these years ago – marshmallow mummies.

    You need skewers or sucker sticks, a bag of the big marshmallows, some food coloring, fruit roll ups, and a toothpick.

    You put three to four mashmallows on the stick (cut off any excess stick). Then you unroll a roll up, cut it in half the long way, and start wrapping the marshmallows to look like a mummy, leaving a space for the face on the top marshmallow. I cannot remember if it takes one or two strips of roll up. When wrapping, squeeze the bottom in a bit, to make it look more realistic. When you have it fully wrapped, use the toothpick to make eyes and a mouth in the space left on the masghmallow. To gett he fruit rollup to stay, dampen the end of it and hold it against another peice of rollup. It will dry and stick.

    Another one –

    Meringue Ghosts –
    You need a bunch of eggs uncooked, some small candies for eyes and mouth, and some powedered sugar.

    Separate the eggs, putting the whites in one bowl and tossing out the yolks. Looking in a cookbook for meringue, follow those instructions as to number of eggs. Now get out the electric beater, and beat those whites on the highest setting until they turn white and start to form peaks that stay stiff and upright when you pull the beaters up out of the mix. Add a few tablespoons of the powdered sugar, beat a bit more to mix it.

    Have a cookie sheet with tin foil on it ready, and using a spoon, make heaps on the foil much like you would a snowman- dollop on top of dollop. Add candies for eyes and bake according to cookbook instructions for meringue. Work fast, and make small batches, so it stays good. Also try not to let it brown. Brown ghosts not so interesting! Kids love these.

    You can get a sugar skull kit from various online sources – make a bunch of skulls in advance, buy some of those tubes of frosting, and let the kids decorate them.

    I’ve also used the kits for crafts found in Oriental Trading Company – they have an online site as well- all the parts are there, all you need is glue. They even have cool pumpkins filled with a small kit – those could go in a goodie bag.

    A halloween pinata is also a great hit, plus pin the nose on the pumpkin and any other normal halloween games.

    Kid food like Halloween mini pizzas they can make – get all the ingredients together – cheese, veggies, pepperoni, etc – in separate bowls, buy pre-made spagetti sauce (I recommend Ragu) and either use english muffin halves or premade biscuit dough as the base for the pizza. Let the kids make their own.

    Cookie decorating – make or buy big sugar cookies, let them decorate with candy, frosting, etc. and take home.

    Pumpkin carving contest. If you think this is too messy, many craft stores like Micheals and Hobby lobby have those foam hollow pumpkins you can carve with a safety knife.

    We’ve also done fishing games – a pole with string and a gripping clothespin on the end – throw it over a curtain, and have assorted halloween treats to clip on to it.

    Beanbag toss, musical chairs, all the standard party games.

    I LOVE Oriental Trading for party favors and candy – large amounts for cheap -a nd decent quality too. I make still – even though my kids are too big- make treat bags up that are mostly cool toys from Oriental Trading. they have small notebooks and coloring books as well – just all kinds of stuff!

    Good rule of thumb – always have about half again as many of each prize, treat bag, cookie, etc about since they get broken, lost, someone’s little bro needs one, etc. so if you have 10 kids at the party, have 5 more. If nothing else, your kids will love them!


    Place cold spaghetti in a box with grapes or olives and have them pull out the olives for prizes ( worms and eyes). Cut a hole in the box so only their hands can get through.

    Have them make ghost out of tissue and a cottonball. Place a tissue around a cottonball and place a tie to seperate the head from the body and place three dots for eyes and mouth.

  • collegegyrl06:

    for an activity you could try making spiders. its really easy and gives the kids a chance to be creative. all you need is some styrofoam balls cut in half and painted black some of those small pipe cleaners in black and orange glitter and construction paper. 1 half of each balls is used for the body they pipe cleaners are for the legs and the kids and do whatever they like. bobbing for apples is always a fun game, but it can get messy. for treats try popcorn balls candy apples or celery sticks stuffed with peanut butter and black licorice for the legs

  • Fresa:

    to add to the other good ideas,

    our standby is the donut relay. we hang the little mini donuts (like hostess — avoid powdered ones, they are a mess! find plain if you can!) from yarn at various heights in a line. two teams compete, like a race… they run up, and eat the donut completely without using their hands… it must all be gone before the next one goes, so if it falls they must get it.

    an alternative to bobbing for apples is bobbing for prizes…. instead of apples in a bucket of water, we fill a huge container with popcorn and little plastic prizes or wrapped candy. So they “bob” for the prizes among the popcorn. It’s really funny, and sorta gross if you ask me…. but the kids love it. **Just make sure what they bob for is NOT too small to choke on…

    everyone brings a little pumpkin or jack-o-lantern that they have decorated and place them around the party. then have the kids vote for their favorite one… most votes wins a prize.

    Jello jigglers in green and orange cut out in halloween shapes….

    There are SOOOO many quick halloween crafts at the craft stores…. I love the foam ones that look cute, and are easy to glue. There are a lot of little kits that make pom-pom spiders and pumpkins and witches and the like.

    if it is a night party, offer those glow necklaces…. kids love those for any occassion.

    in general, you can spend hours googling “halloween party for kids” and finding great ideas. also, right about now every year there are tons of magazines with spooky food ideas.

    have a blast!

  • bayko:

    there is halloween checks mix,u dip the pretzels in like white coclate then u can put it in sandwich bages[they make 1s with halloween print] u can have a huanted house just decorate a hall way in the school and make people hide and stuff like that and u could have games likea holla hoop contest and all kind of things like that

  • paprklp:

    Place various things in bags and have the children stick their hands in it trying to guess what they are.

    spaghetti noodles
    assorted other things that might make them think it were eyeballs and guts and all the gross stuff that age seems to adore.

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