I don’t really like the idea of breast feeding… I have a few questions?

I’m not exactly sure why, but the idea of breast feeding makes me feel uneasy. Perhaps its because my mother didn’t breast feed me, or neither did her mother. It might be because of all the horror stories I hear from my friends. Anyways, I told myself that I’m at least going to TRY it for my baby. (I sure do give breast feeding moms props lol) I have a few questions if anyone has the time :)
How was your experience?
Did you feel this way?
Was it what you expected?
Any other stories, advice etc would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance. =)

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  • Gabrielle ☮:

    I personally didn’t want to and always said I wouldn’t but… when I have kids I totally will just so I don’t get engorged and because I guess its like super good for you baby

  • R.E.:

    I wouldn’t take any advice on the topic from anyone here. I asked a question about pumping last week and got 11 answers that were all basically telling me I cannot pump exclusively. I also received several that told me I should not pump at all (impossible). One woman actually suggested I quit my job in order to feed my baby directly from my breast.

    The next day I talked to my SIL who has pumped only and nursed 3 children. She debunked all of the crap I was told here.

    To answer the question. I don’t like the idea either. It’s not for everyone. Don’t feel bad. Your breasts, baby, and decision.

    P.S. The same people who will condemn you for formula feeding chose to feed their bodies and their children processed foods and commercially raised poultry, the latter of the two has actually been shown to cause premature onset of puberty. I’m not trying to say I have not made the same choices in feeding my child, but I also don’t pretend to be an organic farmer either. :)

  • Alaina:

    Breastfeeding your baby is the best thing that you can do for him/her. Your body makes the milk specifically for your baby. It gives your baby everything that he/she needs! It will be hard at first and it’s going to hurt for a while, but I can’t wait to start! I have 4 more days until I’m induced, and I’m so excited! My friend tried breastfeeding and said that the bond that you have with your baby is incredible! You should at least try it and see if it’s for you, and if you don’t think it is, then go to formula. No harm in trying!
    Also, I suggest that you sign up for a breastfeeding class that’s offered at your hospital. I did, and I’m telling you, it was soooo helpful. So much information! It will definitely convince you to breastfeed.

  • B on the Brain:

    Sorry I don’t have any personal experience, but I do a lot of research on baby stuff since I’m going to be TTC soon….

    One option is that you could consider pumping exclusively! The money you save on formula will pay for a high quality pump such as Medela Freestyle (it’s handsfree!).. OR you can rent a commercial-grade pump from the hospital. There are a few drawbacks to pumping – the main one being that the process of rewarming milk will break apart some of the antibodies and enzymes that are beneficial to the baby.. But then again, they baby wouldn’t get any of these in formula anyway.

    EDIT: Also, don’t forget that breastfeeding (direct OR pumping) will help your uterus go back down and you’ll shed the baby weight faster!

  • Jason and nikki:

    dont feel bad breastfeeding isnt for everyone ive had 4 kids and i breastfed two kids only for about 2 weeks i tryed really hard to do it for the babys but i hated it,flet weird and unatural to me i kinda felt like my breasts belong to my partner and i felt gross feeding my baby on them so i got a bottle quick smart, i was breast fed as a baby.
    dont feel bad if you want to bottle feed just because society makes us think we should it can hurt till your breasts bleed and it can leave you feeling like a milkbar.
    on the other hand it can build a special bond with the baby that knowone els has and it canbe a rewarding gift to give your child, its is healthier for the baby of course.
    but its up to you and only you. im bottle feeding my next child for sure…

  • MetalChick:

    Breastfeeding is by far the best possible thing a mother can do for her baby. It has certain enzymes that just can’t be recreated by man in a lab. No formula comes close. The bonding experience is 1 that only you can have with your baby. Nighttime feedings are easier, since you’re not fumbling around half asleep trying to make a bottle. Breastmilk is always the right temperature and consistancy. Studies show that BF babies are 20% less likely to die of sids. They also learn quicker and have higher iq’s. It supports baby’s immune system like no formula can. BF babies are more happier and healthier all around. I wouldn’t trade BF for the world!

  • Mrs.V:

    The best thing to do is at least try. It is a little uncomfortable when your milk comes in and your boobs get full, also your nipples get a little sore. But its a great way to bond with your child and give them some great nutrients. Its not for everyone I only did it for a few weeks and in my opinion I did a great job. Just give it a try you can also do formula and breast feeding, maybe bottles when your out and breast feeding at home just an idea. Hope you find something that works for you and baby =) Oh also a nipple shield is great in the beginning to help flat nipples helps the baby learn to latch on. Good luck

  • Bec:

    There is absolutely no comparison between breast milk and formula. If you can breastfeed, and there is no reason why you cant, you should breastfeed until at least 1 for your child’s sake. If you don’t like doing it in public, throw a blanket over your shoulder.

    Formula babies are more prone to constipation, upset tummies, illness and allergies. Breastfed babies are smarter, healthier and have a strong immunity.

    Lots of women say they couldn’t breastfeed because they didn’t make enough milk, that is bullshit. The body will make as much milk as the baby needs, the more the nipple is stimulated, the more milk produced. Only about 1% of the women who say they cant make enough milk, actually cant, and its a medical thing. They are just making excuses. The worst thing you can do is top up feed your baby, just let them keep sucking on the nipple as it will stimulate it into making more milk.

    Anyway, I fed my son until he was 16 months, he has no allergies, he was hardly ever sick and compared to his formula fed friends who are all massively chubby, he is at a healthy weight too. I fed him because I refused to be like the majority of young mums I know and put their kids on formula so they could go out drinking and dump the baby on their parents. I see formula as a cop out for lazy parents. Sorry but that’s my opinion. If you want the best for the baby, feed it like nature intended.

    It was harder than I expected at the start, but after about 2 weeks, he had perfected it and was a perfect feeder. Even if it hurt the whole time, I would have continued anyway, as it is best for him.

    I’m currently pregnant with no.2 and I plan to breastfeed him/her just as long as my 1st son.

  • Mme. Renard:

    I am mom of 3 with one on the way. I breast fed all 3 of my babies and plan to breast feed the 4th. Unlike a lot of breastfeeding moms, I don’t “love” breastfeeding. For me, I feel very tied down and very tied to a schedule when I’m breastfeeding. Even so, I recommend it. My reasons for breastfeeding are because it is healthier for the baby, healthier for you, and it is much cheaper than formula. I think for most people it’s a good decision.

    One thing to be aware of is that getting the breastfeeding established is not always easy. It can be hard to teach the baby how to latch properly. It also is painful for you at the beginning. Imagine if someone sucked hard on your finger for 30 minutes, 8 times a day. Your finger would start to hurt, right? Well… the same thing happens to your nipples. Proper positioning and using breast cream can help, but in my experience it takes a week or two for the breastfeeding to really become comfortable. I think a lot of the “horror stories” you may have heard were from moms who gave up after a week or two. It really is hard at the beginning, and you have to be very patient. That’s hard when you’re tired and in pain! But I promise, after a few weeks it really does get easier. Your nipples kind of get calloused and it stops hurting so much.

    I suggest you go to a nursing class at your local hospital, if possible. That’s very helpful. Also, some doctors have lactation consultants who can help you a lot. Last of all, breastfeeding is good, but it’s not worth losing your sanity over. Many many babies have been raised on formula and have done just fine in life! Just be patient with yourself and your baby and do the best you can. That’s all anyone can do, right?

  • myangels:

    either way your baby will thrive. I had a hard time with breast feeding my first so I pumped and formula fed for 3 months…it was about a 50/50 thing. 2nd and 3rd, I didn’t breast feed at all and they were all very healthy kids. Don’t let people bully you into doing something your not comfortable with. I think you should give it a try…it might work out well for you….and hey..I just read an article in a baby mag about women who exclusively pump and feed…I am thinking about trying that with my next baby.
    The important thing is that your baby knows your are happy…and feel comfortable…that is truly what makes them happy.

  • Alison:

    For me, breastfeeding was not an option. It was something I was determined to do, and I did, despite my son spending 6 weeks in the hospital at birth. I pumped until I got him exclusively breastfeeding, and he nursed to 22 months.

    My daughter is 15 months and we are still going strong. I plan to try to get to 2 years with her, but if she decides to wean sooner, that’s ok. I’ve never gotten painfully engorged, have only had mastitis once, when I was exclusively pumping and uber-stressed.

    Is it hard at first? Yes, but so is parenting in general. Does it hurt sometimes? Yes, at first, but so does childbirth. Some people say “it’s just not for me”, and I don’t really get that. Changing poopy diapers isn’t “for me”, but I do it anyway, because that’s the right thing for my baby.

    Yes, most people who are formula-fed turn out just fine. But the evidence of the disadvantages and risks of formula-feeding is staggering and shouldn’t be ignored.

    As far as the argument that women who breastfeed end up giving their kids processed food – that is probably the case for most parents, yes, but it isn’t logical to think that an infant’s first nutrition, the food they are given while their digestive system is maturing, isn’t more critical than what they eat later on in life. The human gut is designed to function normally and properly on breastmilk. That’s what the human body expects for optimal growth and development.

    I’m absolutely not anti-formula, and I don’t think most breastfeeding mothers are. I was formula-fed. Formula has saved countless infants’ lives. But it is dangerous and dismissive to ignore the real and verifiable risks, not just of NOT breastfeeding, but of formula feeding.

    Thousands of babies became ill in China in 2008 from tainted powdered formula. A baby in an American NICU died recently when it was fed contaminated formula, despite its mothers wishes that it be given breastmilk only.

    If you decide to feed your baby formula, or have to for medical reasons, I’m sure s/he will be just fine. Formula-feeding doesn’t make one a bad mother any more than sending your kid to public school vs. private school does (I’m not comparing the two; I just picked a random issue!). You love your child and will do what you think is best and right for YOUR family. If after reading some of these responses and doing some of your own research, you decide that formula-feeding is the way to go, then you should be confident that you made a good choice for your family.

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