I don’t know what school to go to for 10th grade (I’m a girl)?

I don’t know what school to go to. I would like to go to a school with uniforms (they look cool, and you don’t get bullied about what you wear. I like to act, take photos, read/write (I am writing a book on storywrite.com) I want to learn about cryptozoology (the study of animals that are not scientifically proven to exist) and I would also like to be a vet. I live in FL any comments would be nice please no cussing/cursing thanks for the help, I have been home-schooled almost my whole life.
I do not want to go to private school as I will have to pay/pay more and might not see my family and friends (I might not see a lot of my old friends either way) by the way I am a Christian.
…..I would like to know a name of a school I could go to….

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  • Nao♥:

    what about a catholic school? or christian? .. they are mostly private and they make you wear uniform. The kids are nice.

    _You’ll be fine. =)

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