I can’t find the title of an old horror move, please help!?

I am looking for the title to a movie, say late 70’s early 80’s (horror) about a film director who rents an old house as a prop/location for his film. Much to his family’s surprise he reveals they will be living in the house while filming. Some of the key points: There is a girl, say 9-10 and her brother 5-6, while exploring the estate they happen upon a cannery where they hear a baby crying, when they open a cabinet door they find a jar of whirling, sparkling stuff (this is where the baby sounds are coming from)…and at one point when the father is filming the outside, a breeze blows seemingly from the inside out of a window on the porch, while editing the film-he sees a pair of red eyes cross in front of the window he had been filming…This is all that I can remember…if anyone knows what the title of this old film is…Please let me know…it has been driving me crazy for years…I never got to finish it.

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  • MystMoonstruck:

    For some reason, this film, which I haven’t seen for three decades, popped into my mind:
    Something Evil (1972 TV movie)
    This is an early directing effort by Steven Spielberg!
    IMDb synopsis:
    Marjorie “Marge” Worden (Sandy Dennis), husband Paul (Darren McGavin), son Stevie (Johnnie Whitaker), and daughter Laurie (Debbie and Sandy Lempert) move into a country estate only to find that a demon lurks there. Marge investigates and slowly goes insane, while her skeptic husband carries on his advertising business. She learns about the demon haunting the house from neighbor Harry Lincoln (Ralph Bellamy). The ending is a battle of good vs. evil.
    IMDb review excerpt:
    I do recall having nightmares featuring “BABY CRIES” and visions of HORRIBLY BEAUTIFUL MASSES SWIRLING IN MASON JARS! [my caps]
    IMDb review:
    This TV movie scared me as a kid, and I still think it has a fun, scary feel to it if one is in the right mood. It’s a great cast and a great setting of a Pennsylvania-type farmhouse. The movie builds slowly but pays off with creepy fun. The move from the city to a farm that pleases the wife but burdens the husband reminds me of the 1975’s “The Stepford Wives”. I love the painted symbols on the barn, THE GLOWING RED EYES [my caps] in the window (Amityville Horror pig anyone?), jars of throbbing red goo in the cupboard, deaths and possessions.

    Here’s the trailer on YouTube, but it doesn’t show any footage from the film:

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