I am planning a halloween party for 20 8 year olds does anyone have really fun games for them to play?

Also we are doing a haunted house any good ideas?

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  • Vivian N:

    bobbbing for apples a candy wheel. ghost in the graveyard

  • Frodo59:

    are you extremely brave, or totally delusional

  • jingles_delille:


    Gather 5 assorted boxes with lids (deep enough to put a small or medium bowl inside). Cut a hole in the lid of each box so that a child’s hand will fit through. Decorate boxes as desired.

    2. Gather your “monster parts”!
    Monster Intestines – Cold cooked spaghetti
    Eyeballs – Large grapes
    Teeth – Candy Corn
    Monster Hearts – Any JELL-O JIGGLERS recipe can be adapted using heart-shaped molds or cookie-cutters. Also, try our Spooky JELL-O JIGGLERS.
    Ears – Dried apricots, prunes or bell pepper halves

    3. Put “Monster Parts” in bowls. Place bowls inside boxes and cover with lids.

    4. Line up boxes on a table, dim the lights, and have the children reach inside and try to guess the “monster parts.”


    Make sure you have damp paper towels or wet wipe-ups for cleaning any sticky hands or fingers. Pumpkin Bowling
    Use 6 empty 2 liter soda bottles for the pins. You can have the kids cut out Halloween shapes from construction paper and glue to the bottles for decoration. Purchase several hand-size (depending on the player’s ages) pumpkins. Remove the stems. Assign a little helper to assist you with re-setting the pins. This is fun for kids of all ages.

  • JoDi:

    make bloodshot eyeballs out of pingpong balls and have a relay race with eyeballs on a spoon

    cut small halloween shapes from thin paper and have a race putting the shapes into a pumpin basket – the catch is you can only pickup the shapes by suctioning it to a drinking straw

  • ZombieLove<3:

    Try martha stewart’s website or HGTV.com’s party ideas. There are some pretty fun things on there that are also kid friendly.

  • Mímí :):

    * Apple Bobbing
    * Pin the tail on the pumpkin!
    * Ghost stories around the ‘campfire’ (maybe toast some yummy smores)
    * The Haunted Mystery ( write all the names in a bucket in little slips of paper, and give a slip to each kid. don’t let the kid get their own, and it has to be a secret; nobody should tell who they have. when its their turn, they have to tell clues about the person on their slip. try to make people find out who the person they got is )
    * Halloween costume awards
    – funniest
    – scariest
    * Spin the Mummy (just cut out a mummy pic on a soda bottle and have them spin, on sheet of cardboard or construction write out some activities they can do if the bottle was spin in that zone: jump up 3 times, or say some joke or funny phrase or fact..)
    * Ghost hunting! (Get a bunch of Tootsiepops or any lollipops, and put a kleenex tissue over it. Wrap the tissue so the lollipop is covered inside, and has that white figured look to it. In a room [ that you should have neat, dont want them digging thru your stuff] hide them out, and have them all hunt for them, of course they can keep their prizes)
    * Halloween Trivia.. (see how much they know about halloween.. just have a small bowl of candy out and let them all get a chance about neighborhood saftey and some fun facts about the holiday)
    * Mummy wraps! (By far my favorite, when I was 8 that’s what they did in parties! Just get a bunch of toilet papers and have them all wrap each other as mummies.. just beware! for a room full of papers lol)
    * Spooky Spider (Just like the hot potato game play some spooky music and its elimination)
    * and maybe let them talk and dance for a while or something to spookish music lol.

    Hope the party goes well, gl,
    Happy Halloween! :)

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