I am now 13 and terrified of the paranormal?

I am 13 and am too scared to sleep on my own in my own bedroom. I sleep with my mum and dad in their room. I am interested in cryptozoology (the study of animals like bigfoot and nessie) but not the paranormal. Even though I don’t read about ghosts and aliens, I always feel terrified in my own home. I won’t go into a room on my own, and I always feel like I am being watched, even though deep down I know that nothing is there. I’m always looking over my shoulder and I don’t like to be away from home. I’ve never had any traumatic experiences, except maybe when my grandma had a stroke and has now lived in my house for seven years. I don’t think that caused my fear though. Can anybody help me get over my fear/phobia?
PS I can’t let my dog sleep with me, as he is not allowed upstairs. I have read this in some other posts.
Please HELP!

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  • Yes, Random:

    I Have the exact same thing.
    Just always remember there’s nothing there.
    I always slept with my ipod, oh and read a book before you sleep this helped me allot.
    Hope i helped.

  • dale_jdc:

    Ok, you need to know that all this paranormal crapola is rubbish. Name one, just one documented case of anything. Nadda, none, nothing! Start living your life and get this junk pseudoscience out of your mind.

  • gordon3392:

    Its not the Ghosts you have to worry about its the living ok ,

  • JimsAdvice:

    Heya, my mother is a spiritualist and has seen many things she says its nothing to worry about sometimes the people cant get over their death so they stay in the place they feel they need to be to find their answer. if your scared you need to find something to grapple onto like a teddy bear or doll. i used to scared of the dark but you get over your fear after time. anyway if you need help any further on this matter just email me ,Thanks

  • Hannah G:

    If it is as bad as you say I would recommend you see a specialist to sort out your paranoia.

  • purplelilybaby:

    you can’t say for sure that there is nothing there. I do believe in the paranormal. However, as long as these creatures have been around if they wanted to hurt us they would’ve done so by now. Don’t be afraid of what you can’t see.

  • I LoveMyGaurdianAngel:

    Sit down where ever you feel comfortable in an open area such like your BACK yard so people don’t thin your crazy. Make sure it is daytime so you can close your without being scared, clear you mind(If your like me and can never clear your mind because your always thinking focus on your breathing). Think in your head or say out loud “I am (Your name here), i want to know if you can help me, i would like to get to know you, can you help me?” You will hear fake things in your head at first being you subconsciousness. If so then focus on your breathing again pretend your breathing out all sorrows and bad thing and breathing in good things. Ask again “I am (Your name here), i want to know if you can help me, i would like to get to know you, can you help me?” Then again you will hear thoughts of your subconsciousness but something will stick out of all of it and listen to it.

  • john h:

    Okay please don’t take this the wrong way, but you really need to see a doctor about that fear of yours. It is not normal and unhealthy. A good shrink can help you work out the reason why you fear something that has never been proved to exist. The best way to conquer your fear is to just ignore it and sleep in your room anyway. You are too old to be sleeping in the room with your parents.

  • Nice Guy:

    The best way is to just dive in. You already know there’s nothing to be afraid of.
    Unless you live in a tee pee sleeping with your parents is a very big mistake. It can lead to all kinds of problems. Not the least of which, is people finding out and embarrassing you.
    Do it tonight sleep, in your own room. Millions of other kids are going to be doing it.

  • Kevin7:

    do not be afraid, take interest in more mundane things
    have a balance in life

  • allie:

    your 13 and sleep with your mom and dad still? wow. that’s embarrassing. you have never even experienced anything and your scared? that’s dumb, get over it.

  • mudbug:

    Relax. You might do what I did and rearrange the furniture in your bedroom. Point the bed to a different direction. There is one compass point that is just right. Try this!

  • clcalifornia:

    It is very important that you eliminate a earthly reason for such a a overwhelming problem.
    You might have high levels of EMF’s which stands for Electric Magnetic Field

    EMF’s can cause things like: the feeling of being watched, paranoia, Nausea, rashes, and hallucinations. Too much electrial things in the walls or in the room can give you the symptoms that you have. Try unplugging everything in the room and see if you feel more comfortable.

  • sllim_84:

    It doesn’t sound like ur suffering from anything paranormal, but instead, u have developed a phobea of some sort and u need to get psyciatric help for it. It may be as simple as some sort of chemical embalance and medications and therapy could help. ur still very young, talk to ur parents and get help b4 it consumes ur life, good luck

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