2 thoughts on “i am 16 and having a halloween party any game ideas?

  1. A hot dog wiener and a beer bottle? tie a string around the wiener and try to put it in the opened empty beer bottle…?

  2. http://www.americanfolklore.net/spooky-stories.html#1 body part game with food, ghost stories:

    Mummy wrap: 2 teams. One person gets a toilet paper roll and you have to wrap the other person fast until you are out of paper. First team done wins. Start with the first 2 on the team, the next team cant start until they first roll is done.

    Halloween pinata.

    Witch hat toss:
    Get 3 cheap pointed top witch hats at the dollar store. Use something as rings -3 of them. I just used heavy paper plates and cut out the center leaving a ring. Put the hats vertical in front of each other. Have guests stand behind a line and they have 3 chances to toss the rings on the tops of the hats.

    Halloween toss game
    Get 3 or 4 halloween pails or witch cauldron containers, or better yet mix them up. Put the vertical in line. Put small prize toys in the pails, the toys getter better the further away. Have guests stand behind a line and they have to throw a bean bag or a halloween item into the pails. They get to pick a gift out of each bucket they toss the item into. Give them 4 tries.

    Halloween pong:
    Use halloween plastic cups. Line them up in front of guests on a table. Give the guests candy corn. Have a timed game seeing how many they can get into the cuts throwing them across the table.

    Guessing game:
    Have a jar full of candy corn or halloween candies and have papers outside the jar for guests to put their name and guess the amount. Whoever comes closest wins the jar full of candy.

    Halloween twister:
    From oriental trading:

    Games From frightbytes.com:

    A Tale of Halloween Woe

    Once upon a time in this very town
    Lived a miserly man whose name was Brown
    Alack and alas, on a Halloween night
    He was terribly murdered because of spite
    And ever since then he has roamed the earth
    To warn and to haunt the place of his birth
    Tonight we have some of his restless remains
    So we’ll make you acquainted at once with his .. BRAINS
    (Begin passing wet sponge)

    And now your shuddering touch will know
    The victim’s HAIR has continued to grow
    (Pass corn silk, yarn or old wig)

    He heard too well the tinkle of gold
    It’s powerful EAR that now you hold
    (Pass dried apple or dried peach)

    His HAND is clammy, cold and still
    No longer can it shoot to kill
    (Pass rubber glove filled with cold oatmeal)

    His EYES were small, but very keen
    Though the kind deed of earth they’ve never seen
    (Pass peeled grape)

    He talked a lot when he was young
    Now your feeling the remains of his TONGUE
    (Pass a raw oyster)

    He was sly and cruel from the start
    So now you’ll feel his bleeding HEART
    (Pass a raw piece of liver)

    The TENDONS which helped his strong right arm
    We pass to you, keep them from harm
    (Pass some cooked spaghetti)

    The meals he ate were coarse and dry
    So his TEETH were strong, they never die
    (Pass some dried kernels of corn)

    But wait! He comes and stands within
    He’s hunting for some friends or kin
    Listen closely and above his moans
    You’ll hear the rattle of his BONES!
    (A ghost moves slowly through the darkness rattling a bunch of clothespins tied together loosely.
    Exits with a moan. Lights on!)

    Worm pie:
    You’ll need some pie tins (1 for each person playing), gummy worms, and cool whip. Put the same amount of worms in each pie tin, (the more the better!) and cover with cool whip. Blindfold each player. Don’t tell what’s in the pie, let them be surprised to find a worm dangling from their mouths (have a camera ready).

    At the word of “Go!” all players dip into the pie with their mouths, trying to pull out as many worms as they can. The person to get all the worms out of their pie wins.

    This game is messy, but it’s fun for the people playing as well as for those watching! Go eat some worms. Worms are good for you, lots of protein, low in fat, and eating worms will make you popular. Bon appetite’

    Other games:
    Bobbing for eyeballs: Use gummy eyeballs.

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