Howl 11-18-2010

Recorded at 2:42 am on 11-18-2010. I recorded this on 3 recorders. No coyotes ever sounded off after this howl, only a few dogs barked for may be 20 seconds. It was just totally silent before and after. This was not that close to my house, but it was extremely loud as you can hear the echo. It was a very powerful howl. Listen to how the howl ends if you think that this is a coyote, it may just change your mind.

14 thoughts on “Howl 11-18-2010

  1. @rodslinger86 I agree, what ever made that sound is just not normal in my opinion. I have spent much time listening to these with very high quality equipment turned up real loud and if I thought it was something normal, I sure wouldn’t post it here. My hearing isn’t that great due to my work career, but I try. And I am not seeking attention nor money, I just simply want to share these sounds, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. strong and very powerful sounding, definitely not a canine howl, and never heard a bird do a straight solid tone like that.

  3. @StackedSugar yea, I heard a coyote yell and didn’t know what it was, thanks for clearing up my mystery and giving me such insight. Have a great day !

  4. @bryanbish2000 I agree. I make no claims. I just know that I keep recording trying to get the sounds that I heard with my ears. So far, nothing even close. Just a bunch of other sounds that are creepy. I have investigated though, and have found some things that are much better than a tree structure. Whatever made the sounds that I haven’t recorded yet, has a “safe” place that they or it used to bed down. It was really cool to see but it hasn’t been used in a long time that I know of.

  5. I like how he does not claim this to be a Bigfoot. This is a good thing. Is it a BF? Maybe, but there has to be conclusive undeniable proff !!!!

  6. The west recorder was close to the howl and if you listen after the howl you can hear a faint more aggressive howl .both of them sounded sqatchy

  7. ok so ron i agree with u that it is not a wolf or coyote or whatever else. a coyote has a howl that is not sustained like that. there pitch drops rapidly before they stop usually and its not that powerful to make an echo like that. u listen on the west recorder and you hear a straight tone then a slight drop with echos afterward. so you MAY have gotten a squatch but at the same time it could have been other things. eather way thats a pretty damn creepy howl.

  8. I bet its a TRAIN! You can hear the sound of the rumble as it goes over the tracks. I have heard a screech owl in the middle of the woods and they are LOUD

  9. Nice audio Ron, u live n ga wright? If so what part? I live in the north west part!!!! “Adairsville”

  10. I’ve heard that sound ! Like when you cup your hands together & blow first between your thumbs ! I never could do it, but I know some guys that can , perhaps the big guys can as well ? !! Great job ! TC !

  11. Just an owl. LOL Kidding man. Nice tarzans. Always love those. I spent some time with Craig down in Florida this weekend. He’s a nice guy. Plan on doing some stuff with him in Georgia. Take care Ron.

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