How do people dress to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I’m gonna see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Hollywood this weekend, and I hear people “dress up.” Dress up as in dress like the characters, or dress fancy, or dress crazy? What kind of crazy? If you’ve been, let me know!

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  • Jareth's Trousers:

    Some people dress like the characters. Don’t worry about it. Just dress the way you want to, and what you’re comfortable in.

  • ontopofoldsmokie:

    Die hard Rocky Horror fans dress as characters in the movie. Rocky Horror virgins can wear plain clothes.
    If you have not seen the movie then do so before then if possible. If they are true fans you will be able to actually hear very little of the dialogue because people will be shouting out all the lines. And, they will be shouting out all the replies to the movie lines.

    I would dress up if I were you. It’s wicked fun, and one of the few times you get to look like an idiot in great company.

    Just to warn you: The crowd gets weird and rowdy.

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