How Do I Get My Drivers License Back, Drunk Driving? Court Ordered Drunk Driving Classes Des Moines, IA Iowa

Drunk Driving? Lost Your License? Court Ordered Drunk Driving Classes Des Moines, IA Iowa

Along with offering Iowa State ordered Drug and Alcohol Assessments and State Required DUI Course and State Required 12 Hour or 48 Hour OWI Programs in Des Moines, IA, the ALPP Institute also offer the services below to help get you on the right track, right away! substance abuse detox and rehabilitation Intensive Outpatient Treatment, SMART Recovery© Meetings, Residential Treatment Programs, Detox -Hospital or Outpatient Referral AND they will file All Third Party Insurance for you and financing IS available.

ALPP Institute Services

The ALPP Institute is a complete addictions resource center, guiding clients through the complete recovery process. ALPP Institute can provide initial assessment, out-patient programs, residential care, aftercare and non-AA based support meetings. ALPP Institute has the tools necessary to guide you through a life-changing experience!

Assessments / Evaluations

Every individual requires care specifically designed to meet their needs. Often the first step is to schedule an appointment for an assessment with our staff to help determine the most appropriate level of care. (Cost: $90.00)

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Evaluations

Alcohol and substance abuse evaluation as required by Iowa Code Chapter 32IJ.22 (Operating While Intoxicated) for reinstatement of a driver’s license. (Cost: $90.00)

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) 12-Hour Classes

ALPP Institute offers the 12-Hour program approved by the Department of Education for Driving Under the Influence classes for persons charged and convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol. This program shares the philosophies and techniques of both the out-patient and residential programs teaching the Life Process Program©. (Cost: $115.00 fee as directed by the State of Iowa – see schedule below)

OWI (1) WEEKEND PROGRAM – 48 Hour Program

ALPP Institute also offers the residential weekend program in lieu of jail requirements [Section 321J.2, subsection 2, paragraph a, subparagraph (1), 2003 Code Supplement] for Iowa. A person must have already been sentenced and received court approval to attend the OWI jail diversion program to satisfy the mandatory 2 day sentence.
Each person attending the program will receive a certificate for their participation. Additionally, certifications are sent to the D.O.T. as required for driver’s license reinstatement. ALPP Staff also notifies the Clerk of Court of the county in which the sentencing occurred that the class has been completed. (Cost: $350.00 – see schedule below)

Why ALPP Institute?

ALPP Institute is the only OWI 48 Hour Weekend program in Polk County that is also licensed in Iowa under Chapter 125 to provide both evaluations and any recommended treatment. Since ALPP and their staff are licensed to provide treatment, your attendance of the ALPP 48 Hour program may also satisfy a portion of any recommended treatment.
For questions regarding classes, contact Coleen or Margaret
at 515-256-HELP (4357)