How can I make my face paler for a halloween costume?

I’m doing my own twist on a Rag Doll costume for halloween, but I need to make my face really pale so it looks porcelain. I can’t use a paler foundation because I wear an extremely light color anyway.

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  • eee:

    Dust over the top of your foundation with baby powder in a sock. It diffuses the powder and just gives the barest cast of pale. Or, go to Hot Topic and get some goth white powder lol

  • lime.:

    face paint – there are some white ish colours – it could be good if you mix a little in with your foundation; i did this for a musical i directed and it worked very wll

    have fun!
    lime x

  • GinaboBo:

    Okay use a light light light cream colored foundationthe cream color is for the porcelain look well good luck hope i helped!!!

  • Robert C:

    try mixing baby powder with a
    tiny bit of cold cream

  • Robin W:

    If there is a Hot Topic near you, they sell white pressed powder.

  • volleyball361:

    Go to a store like CVS or Target and buy some either white face paint or use a really light foundation. either works.

  • &+:

    If you go to like Party City or Hot Topic you can get like white face coloring…
    Or…. you could use some really light foundation. (I know in the question you said you couldn’t but no reason not to try.)

    :D hope i Helped!

  • phat.ella:

    white powder!

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