How can I make an apron for my Halloween costume?

I am dressing up as Mrs. Lovett for Halloween, and I have everything except one detail I really want: a bloodstained apron. However, I can’t find an apron ANYWHERE, which is really weird to me.

Do you have any suggestions on something I could make into a white apron, something I could probably find in a thrift store or at home?


One thought on “How can I make an apron for my Halloween costume?

  1. In stores-You could probably find floursack tea towels to stain up. They’re relatively cheap-around $5 for a 3 pack (unless it’s some ridiculous brand name.) You could fold it in half over some clothesline to tie on.

    At home try an old pillowcase…again I can’t think of how to attach it other than folding it over clothesline. You could cut or tear the bottom of the pillow case off and sew/glue it to tie the fabric behind.

    Good luck!

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