Help?! Looking For College or University????

I’m doing a project for language arts, we have to send a business letter to a college we like, since we’re learning how to write business letters. I’m in 8th grade. I need a college or preferably a university that has all of these subjects there:
Criminal Investigation
European History
Ancient History(ancient civilizations)

Can you at least name three colleges or universities that have all of these or most of them.

I really can’t choose which one i like the most!
Study of dreams

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  • ms.jackson...:

    go to sign up for a free account… it will help you figure all that out and more!

  • jellybeanchick:

    Cryptozoology is not considered an academic area.

    I think most large universities would have the rest of those subjects, they just might be under different departments. At UC Davis, for instance, paleontology is in the geology department. Archeology and primatology are under anthropology, European and ancient history are in the history department.

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