Having a Halloween party for kids, what games can I play for ages 9 and under?

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  • Aka:

    Wrap up lollipops with napkins and paint eyes on them to make a ghost.
    Then play a game where you throw the ghosts in a basket. Another sugestion is to hang donuts on strings and the players have to eat them with no hands.

  • Lucky 7:

    1. Put the wart on the witches nose, like pin the tail on the donkey, but use putty and whoever gets it on the nose wins!
    2. Bobbin for Apples.
    3. Limbo contest.
    4. Best Pumpkin/Carving contest w/ parents help of course!
    5. Best costume.
    6. Pinnata.
    7. Musical Chairs.

  • Mathair Cat:

    Remember the game hot potato? Just take a stuffed Halloween character and have the kids hand it to each other or lightly toss it to each other. Who ever is left is the winner. We did prizes at one of my Halloween party for games. But everyone got certificates for best costume (the certificates had specific costumes on them. We found out ahead of time what child would be what so we could print them out.)

  • happygirl:

    Bobbing for apples, pinata is always fun no matter how old you are!!!! Best Halloween costume contest is always a fun way to see all the creative ideas moms come up with.

  • person:

    Ring toss
    Pin the tail on the black cat
    Target and Oriental trading sell Halloween twister
    Bob for apples (separate bowls, with only one apple per child for sanitation purposes)
    Bingo with candy corn

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