Has any1 any good ideas for adult halloween games?

Im having a halloween party and im trying to get some good adult games to make the party even beter can any1 hels PLEASE!

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  • dani:

    If you have a yard or something, you can have a spooky treasure hunt for things like zombie eyeballs and severed hands.
    Or how about a good old fashioned game of hide-and-seek, only in the dark with scary noises in the background?

  • NYCLady:

    Last year, I did a scary movie trivia game. I went online and found a bunch of trivia questions (and answers) and put them on index cards. I would ask each person a question and they took a shot each time they got a question wrong. Also, the next person could try to answer your question correctly and make you take an extra shot. It was pretty fun.

  • bob -b- c:

    First you need Dry ice you can find in phone book or a good grocery store.You add to poweraid,koolaid,applejuice.Nothing already carbonated the ice does it for you the smoke is so cool no matter what age.Then you need to go to Get some teeth and put in watermelon.Put teeth close enought to hold in candy or fresh fruit it makes a cool display.And dont forget to use some in pumpkins they are the hit of the party!! since they are not in stores yet!Then play pass spagetti for intestines and small hard boiled eggs for eyes etc.While you tell a scary story in the dark.My mom did this when we were kids and 30 yrs later i still remeber!Good luck and happy halloween….

  • B.Lieve:

    to get a great Halloween look try this tutorial:


  • Amanda:

    Give every grou a video camera and send them out for an hour or so and give them a list of things to find or do and assign points. Here are some of mine from last year……..Someone climbing a tree, Frowning Wal-Mart greeter, PLAYING IN A FAST FOOD PLAY AREA, Team Member on a lawn Mower, On an escalator,Playing hot potato, Someone with a mullet, Walking a real dog, Sign in restroom with instructions to wash hands, Frowning Wal-Mart greeter, Motorcycle with sidecar, With a FireMan on a fire truck, Singing with a stranger, Sipping out of one cup at the same time, Chicken Dance with atleast 2 strangers with you, A male team member trying on a dress, In a limo, 5 strangers doing a line dance with you, go Swimming in a pool, Have a stranger draw a tattoo on a team member, Convince a stranger to let you taste their food, Hang upside down on monkey bars, With a Biker, Group Hug a Law Enforcement Officer, Order an empty coffee cup & have employees autograph it , Play duck, duck, goose in a public place, Capture your team’s reflection somewhere, Team Member kissing a real cow, Serenade a Couple in public with a song, Pretending to be in a car, going thru a drive thru, Dancing on a bar, With a Clown, Act out a scene from a Disney Movie in public, Have a chugging contest w/a stranger, A team member in a grocery cart in the frozen food aisle, Start a dance class in the parking lot & get at least 3 stranger’s to join in

    All of the people at my party are in costumes so it’s pretty entertaining. Once they get back we watch the videos and add up the scores.

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