Halloween Party! Need game ideas please!!! :) thank you!?

So this weekend I am going to be having a halloween party! But I need some ideas for games to play, and or activities! The average age is about 15 and there will be boys and girls. I don’t have a pool or trampoline. So far I was thinking about bobbing for apples, music(dancing), twister, maybe scary movies, and maybe a scavenger hunt. After that Im out of ideas. I was thinking about doing a pumpkin carving contest in groups but decided against it because it would take to long. So any other ideas are appreciated! Thank you so much! :)

4 thoughts on “Halloween Party! Need game ideas please!!! :) thank you!?

  1. Reverse treat:
    Lots of fun to play. Kids caught saying certain “magic words” give away a piece of candy in a bag they are given at the start of the evening. The person with the most candy remaining at the end of the evening is the winner.
    What you need:

    A small bag with each person’s name written on it
    10 pieces of candy for each person’s bag
    A list of the “magic words” to hang up for all to see
    What you need to do:
    Write each guest’s name on a bag.
    Put 10 pieces of candy in each bag.
    Make the list of magic words: GHOST, PUMPKIN, WITCH, CANDY, HALLOWEEN.
    Hang up the list in a place everyone can see it.
    Set a specific time for the game to end.
    If someone is caught saying one of the words on the list, the one who says the word must give the first one who hears it a piece of candy from their bag.
    The person with the most candy when the time is up wins.

  2. Maybe making some small crafts they can take with them? Scary movies are a good idea.
    Telling ghost stories, pizza/ snack time, make Halloween necklaces, t shirts, make up to put on.

  3. Beer Pong Get a ping pong table and fill cups up with beer and take turns throwing the ping pong balls in the cups and if you make it then the person on the other side drinks beer

  4. you could do a spooky story by passing the guts out from the pumpkin get some eyes you are going to say you killed someone here is the guts so you pass around the pumpkins guts around the table then get a bag and make it feel like blood and then get some gloves to make them feel like hands and for the feet stuff socks it did it and my friends kept doing IT for there kids party’s you get the idea its un and they will do it when there kids have party’s

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