Hairy Frogfish Part 2 – Ocean Animals – Creature Feature Dive Into Your Imagination presents: Hairy Frogfish. A frog with hair?!?! Well a frogfish isn’t a frog at all, it’s a fish that uses its ‘angler’ to hunt. Travel with us to Indonesia to get a closer look at these bizarre creatures. Support the health of our planet, give the gift of the ocean by visiting our online store now: Put youtube in the notes of your order to receive a free gift!

2 Responses to “Hairy Frogfish Part 2 – Ocean Animals – Creature Feature”

  • Marpharrore:

    I wonder where it keeps its lure when it’s not using it? It seems like it just pops out of nowhere, haha.

    Frogfish manage to perfectly mix being cool, ugly, and cute all at the same time.

  • pothead4632y:

    where do these live???

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