Gulf Coast Ghost Hunters Association (Hospital) Extended

Gulf Coast Ghost Hunters Association is the leading paranormal research group located in the Corpus Christi Area. On this video, GCGHA investigates the haunted claims of an abandoned hosptial.. This is the extended version..

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  • JohnnyKudluk9:

    maybe taps have to go there

  • y2k2002:

    you got a evp at 4:13

  • GCGHA:

    This video was shot with a standard Sony Hi 8 camera with an extended IR illuminator.. The video is actually good quality, but when you convert HI 8 to a digital format to upload onto youtube, you lose alot of video quality (bummer).. The video shows the group together as we walk around. We do later break up into smaller groups to investigate. We were there for over 6 hours.. What you are seeing is 7 mins of that 6+ hours..

  • doggirlinu:

    Haha, who sneezed? You scared the hell outta me ’cause I was listening very close for small sounds or voices!

    Anyway, great work. Though, I have to agree with jmm1233 about the use of flash cameras. Maybe infra red technology would help aid that..? Hmn.

  • jmm1233:

    i have found using flash cameras has caused a lot of refletive artifacts on the images that could be mistaken for ghosts , just let you guys know so you don’t use a flash camera ,

  • GCGHA:

    It is very hard to tell at 1:51 if there is something looking at the camera.. We did see shadows down that same hallway that night.. We are not part of scifi or TAPS.. Some of our members have met them personally and we do communicate with them thru myspace…

  • kelly8815:

    i just have one question. 1:51 is there something looking straight at the camera in the hallway? you guys were pretty good. are you part of the ghost hunters from the scifi channel. i love that show but lately they have had any great ghost catching. maybe you should get on the show as a sister team.

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