Good Paranormal Magazines?

Ok so I’m looking for a good paranormal magazine to subscribe to. I’m very interested in cryptozoology and have some interest in ufology and psychic/ESP, additionally I’m beginning to like the process of ghost hunting but still wouldn’t call it a big interest. I’m NOT interested in demonology, religious “conspiracies”, Magick, witchcraft (or anything similar), or other abstract theories (sorry if that offends anyone, but I found Jerome Clark’s article in FATE about life on the moon a bit farfetched…)
So with that said I’m looking for a good magazine that will at least usually have a strong focus in what I like, and very little and infrequent content about what I don’t xD. I tried FATE, I got the May 2008 issue and didn’t really like it because there was only one issue that came close to Cryptozoology and most of the stuff in their I found strange, unlikely, or even disturbing (the disturbing part was mostly about the ads), so I’m looking for something different
Unless FATE is normally “better” than the issue I got. Also I’ve been looking into it and the Fortean Times looks great, but sadly it would cost about $90.00 USD to get it in the US (where I live). So I’ve been looking into TAPS Paramagazine, is it any good? Any other suggestions?

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  • seerlights:

    none of the paranormal magazines that I have seen are going to specialize on any one topic. All of them feature different topics and different writers. I like Fate. I don’t agree or disagree always but then, doesn’t that make for a good discussion…The Taps Magazine is good, check it out.

  • Reiki Chick:

    I subscribe to FATE magazine. I find the quality of the content has been somewhat hit and miss. Some issues are great, while others seem to be more fluff.

    As for the disturbing ads – that has been a part of any paranormal magazine I have ever seen. You will just have to use your own judgement to weed out the crap.

    There are some good magazines out of Europe but they are hard to come by in North America.

    This may sound silly, but Ebay is actually a good source for paranormal magazines. You get the opportunity to try out a few different ones without having to commit to a subscription.

    Also, has a weekly paranormal e-zine that you might find interesting, and its free so you don’t loose anything by signing up.

    I hope that helps. :)

  • purnimacresent:

    I like Fate.
    I have April’s addition.

  • Rev.Nice Guy:

    I’ve been a subscriber to Skeptical Inquirer for many years.Below is a sample of articles on Cryptozoology.Before you react,after all I know you’re not looking for debunking articles.Look at some of them.They give references so if you want you can find the other side of the argument.Some references may be exactly what you’re looking for.Cryptozoology is my favorite field dealing with animals.You never have to worry about feeding or cleaning up after your subjects.That was a joke.

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