Ghosts of Vermont (Part 1 of 4)

Discover the tales of four hauntings around the Green Mountains as two local filmmakers delve into the supernatural. Part one of this cinematic-documentary focuses on Pittsford, VT and the ghost of a young woman seen in Whipple Hollow, a Vermont town long gone

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  • Weret112:

    Actually I am a little off, Take Exit 6 for west Rutland, but at the end of the ramp, get in left lane, turn left, (Rite Aid, and A Stewerts will be on the right, price chopper on the left) Go around the curve to the 4 way stop, stay straight, follow old 4A till you come to the bridge, just before there will be a turn off, as the speed limit hits 50mph, turn right, Whipple Hollow Road, CAREFUL on the railroad tracks, go VERY SLOW, they hurt lol

  • Corpsegrounded:

    your directions are pretty acurate. you can’t miss it even if these are off.

  • gmrebel666:

    saw this on catv 8

  • haisaidit:

    You can all believe or not believe this story but its very very true. I was told this stroy years ago when I was younger by my great grandmother and she said the same name as this guy in the video I now LIVE in the house located a mere 75yards away fromt he cemetary where the Whipple’s are buired. And yes my house is haunted

  • Ginh32:

    I just remembered something. When I was 16 yrs. old walking with a friend at night passing by a dark, empty field we saw this old man who had white hair and was dressed like Moses and he even had a cane too. We thought it was a little odd and we turned around to look at him behind us after he passed us but we just thought that maybe he was from another country.

  • Ginh32:

    Sometimes when I’m driving in a dark area I imagine how it would be like if I was to see a ghost hitchhiker. Yikkkes!

  • deanodude1:

    im ganna ride my motorcycle to vermont this weekend……..i’ll look for the road and the hot chick

  • relbadboy:

    rofl, I wonder if he distinctly remembers the ghost having a nose piercing?

  • mellowfellow12:

    im about to go to the fair and i dont have time to watch this but i was just wondering i live in swanton VT and i wanted to know if there are any ghost storys there

  • Weret112:

    Take Route 4 Exit 6 toward West Rutland. After you get to the end of the ramp, take a left, then follow the signs for Rutland (Right Lane) As you pass the yeild sign, on the left there should be a road which I believe is Whipple Hollow Road. Follow that. I’ll have to double check, but I think that’s right

  • adamspacey69:

    i love vermont my home state

  • bboying4life:

    You’ll have to go to the bridge late at night. Maybe around 2am. Some people claim that they hear and feel the vibrates of a old fashion train but yet no train is even enroute. Claremont has a good place to go. Where a girl hung herself off a light pole on a backroad.

  • bboying4life:

    I live there and I did once.

  • impliedzach9999:

    i live in vermont and me and my friends visited this road just the other night. to tell the truth we didnt see anything, but it was pretty creepy.

  • zombiesgonewild:

    this is very nicely done the whole production is A killer! very nice job whoever made this. nice editing and great sounds and music. great job! hope you make more short films like these. if so i want to know.

  • jkill431:

    i’ve lived in vermont my whole life and i have tried to find whipple hallow can you give me directions, it would be appreciated

  • innocencedirector:

    That isnt really nice. Seeing a ghost is a really scary experience and it isnt to be joked about

  • paper9898:

    that guy is so lucky, he encountered a real pretty ghosts

  • Calliskyo:

    watch this before bed time :D – fucks with your head big time

  • nami87kawai:


  • darkersides:

    Hey I have a question. Did you guys premier a video in chester vt? :) I think I might have see it

  • rwi979802:

    Dude just write a book. We all want see BIGFOOT a GHOST the LOCK. and even a UFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get a clue, or call CSI Grissom will find out.

  • sensualamie:


  • Taprootfan690:

    you guys wanna see a real haunting show check out “A Haunting” killer show!

  • richardster2:

    get thee behind me satan

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