Ghost Tracker Crew Bloopers & Having Fun: Miss Caroline’s (The Abbott House)

These are our outtakes from the produced to TV and live investigation of Miss Caroline’s (The Abbott House) in St. Augustine on Aug 23, 2009. It’s always good to have fun as well. Be sure to check us out at or on Central Florida’s WRDQ 27/TV 27 on Wed., Sat., and Sun @ 2 AM

4 Responses to “Ghost Tracker Crew Bloopers & Having Fun: Miss Caroline’s (The Abbott House)”

  • cyphdigga:

    sorry to burst your bubble bud, but we are a very professional group of paranormal investigators and take our jobs very seriously especially when we’re investigating. But who’s to say we can’t have fun on our down time? There is no sense in doing something you don’t enjoy.. enough said.

  • kannabee:

    these people are retarded! if you wanna do a show be serious about ghosts.dumb asses.

  • HumorISHOT25:

    omg! that was some funny shit OMI! its librachick dawg!

  • kel2corkey:

    Looks like you guys have a lot of fun.

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