Ghost light making sounds on a paranormal investigation.

This was caught at a location we were asked to investigate. We were able to gather information regarding the ghostly activity. We were able to determine the paranormal activity was caused by the sprirt of the father of the owners of the business.

7 Responses to “Ghost light making sounds on a paranormal investigation.”

  • NinjaCthulhu:

    Odd sound whether it is paranormal or not.

  • ShadowOfTwilight:

    maybe could be a resonance or an interference of an electromagnetic kind realted to the music in the background and the camera mic(or the mic you used for EVP)…due or not to paranormal activity, it’s really strange and wicked.
    In my opinion the orb could also look like a little spark…maybe some sort of electromagnetic phenomenon. Who could say if it’s or not paranormal…weird!

  • Thegrinch17:

    That is a very weird sound! Wow!

  • SupremeKeyBetaRayBil:

    Now thats pretty freakin weird.

  • jkmk1987:

    Sort of sounds like a creaky floor..

  • pastinvestigators:

    There is background music playing. This business we investigated is a spa and they always play relaxing music. We are not sure what the sound is, but it is the only time we have caught a sound with an orb or light-The PAST Team

  • GiacomoC:

    Is there music in the background, or did you add a music track?

    What is the correlation between the “sound” and the “orb”? Why do you think the orb is MAKING the sound?

    Thanks for sharing.

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