Frozen Creek School Ghost

Video taken by amateur ghost hunters at old Frozen Creek School House in Breathitt County Kentucky

25 Responses to “Frozen Creek School Ghost”

  • Someone0like0me:

    hmm i revisited it and i found nothing too concrete… idk man

  • TeamKillshot:

    Hey! Good to hear from you again! I was with the group the first time you came down, but I had to miss the second trip. I’d like to get a much better quality version of the whole video up here, so that some of the naysayers could experience it the way your group did that first time. But it’s hard to work around youtube’s restrictions on video size. Thanks for the comment!

  • TeamKillshot:

    umm… so your saying you don’t hear the voices in the video… or see the thing in the doorway?? that its all just our imagination??

  • hauntschaser:

    Reply 2 of 2 from Carrie with Ky Paranormal Research – We found out through our research this is not the site of “Frozen Creek” . But the site due to word of mouth has become known as Frozen Creek because it very much fits the profile of the school that was at Frozen Creek, which that location for the most part has been paved over by the new road. We were fortunate last time we were there to confirmed this when alumni of the school visited the site, they were in town for the reunion.

  • hauntschaser:

    Reply 1 of 2 – My name is Carrie with KY Paranormal Research and we are a group of professional ghost hunters that met this group in Jackson Ky & viewed more video than this w/ more shots of the figure in the door – that video was clearer & you could see the image much better & on that video there was second EVP. Unfortunately the building had burned just 2 wks before our visit. The second time we went down with part of the group there were flashes of lights around us.

  • inutachi43:

    i live in that town

  • Someone0like0me:

    all this shit is so stupid as to even think about it… what you are experiencing is your mind playing tricks on you.. fact is- if you went there looking for no ghosts u would never hear a voice neather see a strange shadow … the studyes of psychology will enlighten your mind

  • lopli321:

    these videos are really interesting. I’d love to go to some of these places considering I live in the same state as where these places are.

  • bjf2008:

    last i heard they had dozed it all down and it was just fields now,,,,we investigated there a few years ago with an old team i was in when the buildings were all there,,it was wild…..lots of shadows..we never got many evpz tho…but the school use to be in BREATHITT county on frozen creek ,,its close to the Magoffin county line a few miles away

  • pcbadboy86:

    Does anyone have directions to frozen creek

  • fantasinflodar:

    omg that “closer” thing wuz so scary

  • TeamKillshot:

    Definitely man! If we come across any new cool places to investigate we’ll let you know.

  • baker6353:

    cool well anyway i was trained a year ago from a VERY well known ghost hunter everything just feel in to place and now i have desided to start my own group. BCPS here in breathitt co im hoping to make this a little bigger and well we are saving up for a cam system and cam’s… if you guys kno any good spots near well any spot just let me kno i would be very happy…

  • TeamKillshot:

    I doubt that… we really have no official group name. We’re just a bunch of friends who shared the same interest in the paranormal.. so we started doing little investigations here and there in high school and slowly got better equipment and read books and watched shows about “professional” ghost hunters to help build our technique and quality of our investigations… having an actual name for our group has never really come up.

  • baker6353:

    whats the name of the your group? i might actully kno you… i was in a very well known group in the state of kentucky… so hell i might have heard of your group befor…

  • TeamKillshot:

    Yeah, our group has been ghost hunting for well over 10 years now ourselves and worked with the Louisville Paranormal Society on several occasions. I don’t know that my word is enough, but I guarantee that everything on the video is authentic. The EVP’s are some of the best we have ever heard, and you may not think the form in the doorway is anything special, but it is something strange and unexplained to us. LPS seemed pretty impressed when they saw it as well.

  • baker6353:

    as a trained ghost hunter that has been on several diffrent case and some of them being demonic i have to say that what is in the door way is prolly nothing major but the 2 evps if there real they are great…. btw to the person that said they live in breathitt co its nothing paranormal… i do to and there is a LOT of paranormal shit going on around here… trust me i kno first hand…

  • TeamKillshot:

    I have no idea. I think some drunk high school kids burned down the old school house … but the gym and dorm buildings were still standing for a few months… then one day they just bulldozed the whole thing down.

  • TeamKillshot:

    I never said this was any kind of proof… only that this is a portion of video that shows something unexplained in the doorway and that it appears to move and observe us. This is a poor quality short piece of that video… we’re not trying to blow anybody’s mind here, just give a small sample of what we caught on our camera.

  • kyleain:

    and so u only show a few seconds of blurry shit despite this oh so shocking proof, cuz? Stupid time-wasters.

  • skatergmail:

    why did they tear it down anyways?

  • icedearthchick01:

    it is standing in the doorway!!

  • gorillacookies69:

    i didnt see anything

  • shadowr92290:

    nuthin paranormal i liv e in breathitt

  • chevyfreak09:

    i live right down road from it notthin is left anymore but the time i went i must say some freaky shit went down me and my ex and my cuzins x was lookin at the rust bloody lookin bath tub ful of water and out of no were a bird flys down lands on my hand that is holdin the flash lite and sits there scares us 2 death but there are 2 more places like this in breathitt co over on beltcher frk and townflat

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