Evidence for Catastrophe

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5 thoughts on “Evidence for Catastrophe

  1. @lowpricepaint I’m interested in your theory, can you show us how you got there? Point us in the direction of your evidence please so we can learn what you know and make up our own minds. Thanks!

  2. It is very interesting that he mentions South Africa and the hole in the magnetic field. This just happens to be a location that was directly impacted by the Moon. This fits into my theory that the Moon hits Earth during a magnetic pole reversal. This magnetism is what I believe holds the Moon in it’s orbit that shows us only one side. In my research, this side that we see is the most recent impact. I can count about 8 impacts. I study reverse image overlays of the Earth on the Moon, It hits us.

  3. When was this episode of Coast to Coast broadcasted? If this is the first time Lawrence Joseph to appear as guess in C2C, this must be a very old C2C episode.

  4. Have you ever considered the Moon impacting the Earth. I have been researching this for a while and I have no doubt whatsoever that it has happened. There is an enormous amount of evidence on both the Earth and the Moon. I know most people believe this is impossible, but I would bet that I could change their minds or at least make them think twice about it. It has happened, more than once, I guarantee it.

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