Encounters with Alien Grays

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11 Responses to “Encounters with Alien Grays”

  • squid4104:

    Gotta love Whitley! Genius writer,fascinating man! Art Bell also,has a very soothing vibe!

  • greenhornet299:

    This is now my favorite Site on the web…OUTSTANDING Posts Boomer; I served in Special Operations in Vietnam; I LOST any faith in my Government after that….

  • Shonaripa:

    I agree with YtubeNinja, Whitley has been saying the same shit for YEARS, he’s unsure about tons of stuff and what REALLY put me off is that he’s religious. I mean that’s just depressing, what a narrow mind the guy has to be able to embrace a fucking religion, one would think he was informed. He doesn’t even know aliens are interdimensional, l mean COME ON! And Art is a total left brain prisoner in a sense, he doesnt seem intuitive at all, hence his pessimism, he doesnt see beyond, just MIND

  • UnearthlySound:

    @YtubeNinja Nah, I disagree. There’s nothing disturbing about it all. All Mr Strieber does is talk to people and share what he has experienced. To write a book about it is good – afterall, he is a writer. That way, his experiences are able to reach more people. And if he can make a living from doing so – good! We all have to make a living.

  • reachall:

    Darryl Anka is the channel for Bashar, an extraterrestrial. Bashar truly explains all this better than anybody I’ve ever listened to….. Thank you Bashar..

  • acaglumac:

    @YtubeNinja check videos by youtube user ufoabductee. he didnt try to make money yet.

  • YtubeNinja:

    I have yet to see someone come on and say ..looks folks this is what i know and i want to share this with you in all truth, take it or leave it… very disturbing that they allways have some books to sell.

  • vinnynumbnuts:

    but i like his last gimmick about mixing the visitors with christmas. i hate disclosure from the likes of wise whitley: there is a santa after all, only anal probes are included.

  • vinnynumbnuts:

    oh jesus, whitley’s got another BOOK coming this january (2012). this time it’s called solving the alien enigma…or something. i keep hearing the beep beep of cash registers in the background…and whitley’s new BOOK, yet another chapter to keep you in suspense until the next book, which, i promise, will come (unless he croaks). he advertises (was once a vice president in advertising) it with a warning to NOT listen to skeptics like me–that i am a for true liar. also good for sales.

  • teenee4:

    Whitley why don’t ya have Dolores Cannon put under using her method to get to the truth.

  • zebra64:

    Excellent video! Possibly my favorite Whitley Streiber interview to date. Thanks for posting!

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