Does anyone know some some very scary Halloween games?

I am looking for scary Halloween games for my party. More specifically for teens.

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  • Caboose:

    theres a scary one that teens love! its called 7 minutes in heaven! lol just kidding! but see who can tell the scariest story!

  • ஐ♥Daniela♥ஐ:


  • hollydolly:

    this is kind of for kids, but it will totally creep them out: put out food( spaghetti,grapes or other things like that), and cover it with oil or some other thick substance. keep the food out of view. one by one blindfold the people and take them to where the food is. as they feel it tell them things like brains, intestines, eyeballs, guts. they will get really freak out.

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