Does anyone know some really cool halloween games?

Ineed some ideas for a halloween birthday party! I need some easy games that would be good for all ages. Like gr.9 to gr.12, they need to be fun. How about the murder mystery games? Anyone no how those work.?

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  • chefgrille:

    Last Halloween the neighborhood kids did a scavenger hunt door to door. And they did it in pairs and for the homeless shelter. So they had their lists. I said we had a box of Kleenex and 2 canned goods. Everything got donated, but it was something like whomever got their list done first or whomever got the most off the list won a prize. They looked like they were having fun and it went to a good cause.

  • Shelley L:

    Hot potato with rubber severed heads. It’s a childish game with a Halloween theme that will appeal to everyones competitive side. The winner gets to keep the head. I’ve gotten the heads at Oriental Trading company.

    The Murder Mystery game would be fun. Cut and fold paper (enough for each guest) then put an M on one. Have every one draw from a hat (or cauldron or whatever) and whoever gets the M is the murderer. Turn off the lights, turn on some scary music and have everyone walk around. The murderer slices the throat of the victim with his/her finger and the victim needs to lie down. Once someone bumps into the victim, they call out MURDER, you turn on the lights and everyone has to guess who the murderer is.

  • audioworld:

    Pin the nose on the pumpkin

    Bobbing for Apples

    A live role play version of Clue would be fun

    Get a pinyata of a scrowcrow or a pumpkin and smash the pinyata

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