Does anyone have easy directions for how to make a rocket ship halloween costume?

My pre-schooler wants to be a rocket ship for halloween. I won’t let him change his mind, don’t worry, I know it’s early. I am picturing something made with white vinyl and black duct or electrical tape. I thought Family Fun had one, but they don’t. Any links or ideas?

3 thoughts on “Does anyone have easy directions for how to make a rocket ship halloween costume?

  1. you can make the body out of silver fabric or white fabric
    to keep the round shape i would use a really large fabric hoop and stitch the fabric in place (or hot glue if you are a non sewer)
    or use something else that is sturdy to keep the round shape
    keep the bottom loose for walking
    to make the cap of the rocket ship i would get cardboard and try to fashion something pointed but a lil rounded and paint it black.
    you can get fabric markers or that fabric paint sold in craft stores to add the nasa or letting for the ship.
    you can use vinyl like the picnic table cloth matterial or shiny silvery fabric too.

    maybe stick a few green men to the costume- hitching an intergalatic ride to earth

  2. There are a couple of ideas here but they look a little complicated. If you’re crafty and can do this it does look very cool.

    Otherwise I would use one of those construction tubes (you can buy them at Home Depot). Cut it to fit your son’s size, then paint it. Use ropes to hold it up on him and put some yellow/orange tissue paper underneath for the flames. Then cut out a con shape from construction paper to go on his head! Have fun!

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