Do you think that the sci-fi and fantasy genre is being overwhelmed by paranormal romance books?

I can sort of see the cross over appeal for fantasy novels. But the sci-fi and horror sections seem like they are being taken over as well.
Does it make sense to shake up the categories a bit to separate out the romance elements?

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  • Lost X:

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  • DJ:

    sadly it is true

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  • Sky:

    I haven’t seen anything like that happen.

  • fangirlbsg:

    Oh my, yes.
    I can’t browse the sci-fi section without stumbling across several romance novels with were-wolves and vampires. Those ought to stay in the romance section or a totally new category altogether.
    I know the paranormal romances are top sellers, but it would be nice to know what I’m getting when I look at books by genre.

  • *-*Bee*-*:

    Well, you see, romance books dont sell anymore. They’re too anti-feminist, what with the whole damsel in distress thing.
    Publishers cant sell them anymore.
    So they have to put them under a new heading.

    They add a couple of skiffy or fantasy things and then they can sell them in those genres.

    When people get bored of that, you know they’ll just add romance to a new genre…

    I’m getting annoyed with it, myself.

  • bookloverforever:

    Definitely!!! Usually the book cover gives them away. Read the blurb and if love is emphasized—keep movin’ on.
    Book recommendations are the best route to go.

  • War Games AM:

    Not really….I mean, there’s obviously a demand for them, so they’re being published, but there are still plenty of traditional sci-fi and fantasy novels. Trends ebb and flow, but it certainly hasn’t taken over the genre.

  • BlueManticore:

    I don’t think it is being overwhelmed at all. What fantasy novels I’ve seen that do have romance involved tend to be more fantasy than romance. There’s plenty still out there that are fantasy with no romance

  • laheira2:

    Actually, what you are seeing in the fantasy/sci-fi section are not paranormals. It’s called “urban fantasy” and that includes several authors that most definitely are not romance authors (wonder what the author of The Harry Dresden Chronicles would have to say to that LOL).

    Urban Fantasy seems to be the flavour du jour though. Sorry to say this, but expect to see even more of those as from what I’ve read, they are selling and selling well. Write to the publishers, let your opinion be known.

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