Do you have to be a believer to answer paranormal questions?

If so why is this section under science and mathematics
So many great answers, it is hard to choose.

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  • Feeling Mutual:


    Mathematics is a philosophy, not a science.

    Numbers do not exist in reality.

  • kumorifox:

    Not necessarily. I think this is placed here to get a scientific take on things, as well as believer answers.

  • NorCalJRC:

    I don’t think that you have to be a believer to answer questions about the paranormal. You do however need to approach your answers with a critical mind and skeptics are really what make the paranormal so interesting.

    I am a believer, I have seen enough, and conducted my own “investigations” and I know that there is something out there, something is happening… and maybe someday we’ll see what can be considered “proof”.

    I think that this category is a little misplaced, many of the believers don’t really want it in the science category, and the skeptics/scientists are someone annoyed that its taking up space in here.

    In any case, those who don’t believe are simply giving another perspective in a field that needs more and more every day.

  • T R:

    No, you certainly don’t. Yahoo originally placed Paranormal under Science & Mathematics because they felt that some scientific methods were used to study the paranormal (see link). Unfortunately, Yahoo’s intent of fostering scientific discussion of the paranormal never materialized and instead this area is used by believers mostly for Q&A on ghost stories, angels and demons, prayer and spirit guides, ouija boards, crystal energy and other types of religious belief or folklore. You’ll notice that many believers post their opinions. They’re not really “answers”, just opinions.

  • Hayley S:

    I am a paranormal researcher and do not believe in ghosts – this is because ghosts have never been proved to exist under scientifically controlled conditions.
    People tend to base their beliefs on their own personal experiences which is fine – but anyone who is a researcher in any field of research knows testimonals cannot stand alone as proof.

  • Deenie:

    lol This is an old “battle” on here. It’s not our fault that the Paranormal Section is attached to Science and Math. We’ve asked to have it moved. Guess Yahoo thinks it has something to do with Science or Math. Sorry. can answer questions on here. You’ll notice that many skeptics post their opinions. They’re not really “answers”..just opinions. Once in awhile they’ll give a good natural explanation. I always appreciate those answers.

  • Peter D:

    Certain people are dogmatic or fanatical in their belief of the paranormal so they don’t want to be bothered by any answer that doesn’t fall in line with their personal belief system. Others just take the short cut and block anyone whom they don’t agree with.

    Personally, I think all people should be able to iterate and defend their beliefs in a public forum. No belief or belief system should be sheltered from public scrutiny. If you have a belief you should be able to say exactly what it is and why you believe in it.

  • Mr.Nice Guy:

    I hope not,otherwise I’m in trouble.The quickest way to get a skeptic to answer your question.Tell them not to answer.I see a lot of questions way too silly for me to answer.Then there it is,no skeptics.I can’t resist throwing in my 2 cents.Just to make a point,”it’s an open forum”.

  • garrettsambo:

    No, i’m just doing this for fun.

  • Tom E:

    No, but it sure helps. Years ago, I would’ve scoffed at this section, relegating it to the ‘Elvis sightings’ category, but after a few vivid, non-drug-induced paranormal encounters, I’m not only a believer, but I’m looking for answers. Science is the methodical study of God’s handiwork, and it would seem there is more to be explained than we have answers for. I’d like to be part of the world of research as it pertains to to this fascinating branch of life-studies.

  • JasiusGGOG:

    Bravo, NorCal, Bravo. I realize this isn’t how it works, but I vote you for best answer.

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