Do you believe in ghosts or aliens and have you ever had any paranormal or alien experiences?

I don’t know whether or not I should believe ghosts and aliens or not. I watch all the shows that say there true but my parents say there all fake. But there so many shows like that, there’s no way they’re all fake. Do you believe in ghosts and/or aliens and have you ever had any paranormal or alien experiences?

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  • LoNeLy M@N:

    Listen Bro , I have no idea about ghosts and i think those are fake ,BUT aliens and UFOs are real and no one can disregard the Evidence that proved. however ,You Better Watch the shows and after that think’ll find the truth .


    I’ve had a pretty wide range of experiences myself.

  • TheSpirits:

    ok ghosts are spirits/demonds or angels….aliens are aliens.
    I do believe in both (:

  • Cicerio2:

    Honey, the reason your parents tell you there all fake is because it goes aganist there religious or social values, so when they tell you aliens do not exist, there trying to shut you up, there trying to eradicate the curiosty you have, perhaps something divine is occuring in your life, in when you are becoming more aware, not by the things you see but the question that you come up with, or the images that form in your head. give it a try.

    honey what you ever you were watching, movies, tv shows, aliens just did not come out of know where,

    they’ve been here longer then we humans have. and there thousands of years old. and there more spiritually evolved, and ther technology is exceedingly thousands of years advanced.

    let me tell you aliens are real, and they exist.

    because i once was a great being that lived on a different home. long ago, and let me tell you, they look odd but not far from human features. and they have master everything we have today like thosands of years ago. especially anit-grtavity ships. i won’t tell you all my secrets. afraid of the evil beings in go’vernment.

    but honey they been here for eons, they were the greeks the romans, the persians, the so called atlanteans, the egyptians, india, native americans,

    actually were all aliens, there were just advanced aliens here long ago,

    but humans are one of the most oldest races, and im not surprised we did not orignate from this galaxy.

    trust i had to take all this in, and i found truth. and it helped me discover myself. perhaps it would do the same for you.

    hey you should read up on the ADROMEDEANS, they are so called real aliens, who are currently helping us on our planet, who been helping us in spiritual evolution. they very much are real, and they can tell you that.

    About paranormal, really…..don’t believe, not a good term to use, know and understand. that all that matters is being informed, if not you’ll be walking like walking in blind faith,
    form my own personal experience, i recently came from the spirit world or realm, you name it, actually i journyed here, i won’t tell you how. for thats not important. i came here about 20 years ago in spirit. ive known my parents before i was born, actually as i joirneyed i was able to manifest them. they don’t know that though, because my parents are like your parents.

    they don’t know anything about me, there living with a complete stranger, how scary HUH!!! : O

    and yes ghost exist ive seen them, and you shouldn’t disrepect them, show them kindness and love, they won’t mess with you, unless they need to communicate with you, for you to will enter in the spirit world like me, and you too shall be a aparition of the past, present and future. whatever you do keep all eyes open.

    any ways hope that helped.

  • dawn:

    i believe in both but i have only seen and spoken to ghosts. if you want the story then ask.

  • bluetopaz:

    Yes, I do believe in ghosts and have lived in two houses with paranormal activity. Have had many, many experiences and could write a book about my past experiences. I have not had experiences with aliens (that I know of), but definitely believe they exist.

  • Brian J:

    I basically believe in 2 things. Normal science and facts. And personal experiences.

    As far as this goes, I have seen ghosts on 2 different occasions and believe in them because of this. Actually both stories are kind of boring, the ghosts were very normal looking and were not mean. But, they were ghosts.

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