Destination Ghost Huntin’ Part 4 of 4 (Ghost hunters parody)

We give our thoughts on what paranormal television is like in this 4 part parody. We take pokes at Ghost hunters and TAPS, A little bit of Destination Truth, A little Paranormal State and more. Stay tuned for the Highlights video of the premiere of this episode at the Historic Ohio Theater as one of the last things to ever be seen there! If you like it and want to see more, let us know! We would like to film more like this if there is a calling for it!

6 Responses to “Destination Ghost Huntin’ Part 4 of 4 (Ghost hunters parody)”

  • Mrparanormalresearch:

    My friends,I didn’t believe in paranormal activity either.That was until I went to an allegedly haunted area in Ohio called the Moonville Tunnel. I went to make a video of the place just for fun. Well,I’ve found out that there really is paranormal activity there.So,have fun with your videos,they are entertaining,just wanted to let you know. Yes,I like your work.Hope you keep making them.Good luck.

  • cutepink1618:

    Hey Chasym i hope you can do another episode because i realllly would like to see what happens with the guys : )

  • chasym:

    got one! thanks!

  • kingoffear4:

    get a life

  • fattychunksings:

    it unzipped my pants lol

  • B0RNfree:

    LOL so funny, all of the Ghost reality show are so staged and fake.

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