cryptozoology discussion?

is there anyone else out there that believes things like dragons, fairies, and unicorns do exist, but not discovered? there are new things discovered each year that are stranger than anything ever seen. i try to tell this to everyone i know but they get skeptical over it, so is there anyone else with me on this one?
im not talking about being based on fairy tales, but having similar traits & characteristics. there has been evedince of bigfoot here and there, but most are still skeptical and i understand you. but like i said, there are new species discovered all the time, so why not an undiscovered bigfoot, etc.?

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  • Connor R:

    Sorry, but this is quite irrational. I understand the beliefs about stuff like Bigfoot, but come on! All your creatures are from fairy tales.

  • tekwatcher:

    Why would scientist believe they exist if they’ve never seen any evidence of their existence? Fantasy stories do not count as evidence.

    If anything, these creatures could have existed except not as they are known in fantasy. Dragons could have been lizard-like creatures, such as dinosaurs that contained breath that burnt like fire, such as corrosive chemical spitting lizard. Fairies could have just been large butterflies/moths, and Unicorns could have just been some species of a type of horse or more likely a creature like a rhino but sleek like caribou or horses that had a bony nose appendage.

  • I hope:

    I believe in things like bigfoot and the yeti and the lockenss monster.

    but dragons, fairies, and unicorns? no they are just fairy tales, because they resemble some kind of other animal.

  • The Woodlands Wildlife Council:

    Chinese people only believe there were dragons based on dinosaur bones they found and a certain fish that looks like a baby dragon. i believe there maybe undiscovered species but not like a unicorn. There may be fairy tales but its like the bible (no offense intended) it was started to be written 200 years after jesus died and stories change as people make them sound better, this is what has happened to the fairy stories so i don’t believe there are such things ans unicorns.

  • haans42:

    I think the previous answers pretty well sum up why it is dangerous to be a cryptozoologist.

    However, you have a valid question although it might have been better stated.

    One fascinating area in this realm is the search for lost species or species that are supposedly extinct. The Cone-billed Tanager and Ivory-billed Woodpecker come to mind. Both have an increasing amount of evidence for their continued existence.

    An interesting aspect of real science is that one cannot prove a negative. All that can be done is to cite evidence or a lack of evidence. But to state something unequivocally “does not exist” is rolling the dice, because sometime in the future there could be evidence found. As you said we are always discovering new things, so it is best always keep an open mind.

    A couple of years ago I just about fell out of my chair when I heard the famous Primatologist, Jane Goodall, say she wanted to study big foot, during a radio interview! When questioned by the interviewer she essentially took the perspective above. There is some evidence and that it should be looked at seriously. She found the evidence compelling and wanted to study this species.

    In the end there is often some basis for these things. As stated in an earlier answer, dinosaur bone fossils were turned into dragons. Dinosaurs are every bit as strange as dragons although the dragons themselves were never found. So reports of bigfoot and the Asian and south American equivalents are based upon something. We just don’t know exactly what.

    Unicorns seem to have been based upon Narwhal tusks, so who knows what will eventually be the basis for these cryptic species?

    Another example of a problem in cryptozoology is the return of wild large predator species to the eastern United States where they were formerly extirpated. Species like black bear,wolverine, cougar, wolves. There is a pattern to this. First the “experts” dismiss the reports They then call the initial reports supported by evidence, the result of escaped captive animals. Finally, they quietly affirm the species has indeed returned.

    We humans tend to be quite arrogant about the world. We tend to assume that we are smarter than anything else and so we can find and outwit any other species.

    For a moment suppose we are wrong in that assumption…

  • LoE:

    Dragons, Fairies and Unicorns are mythical creatures, not cryptids.

    Examples of cryptids are Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, Jersey Devil, etc….

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