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I am going to a horror theme party in march and i need costume ideas.?

I need some ideas of what i can go as to my friends 21st birthday horror theme party. I want to look scary and horrible. Any costume &/or character ideas?

Looking for horror movie where two girls stand in the hallway.?

I am not into horror movies, but I have seen the reference from a certain horror film many times, and I would like to know where it originated from.

It’s two young twin girls standing in a hallway, do you know where its from?
Where in the film does it appear?

What is the recent horror film where 2 boys find a woman chained up in a cabin in the woods?

She may or may not be a zombie, I think they fight over her, they most likely take it in turns to use her… Creepy yes, but it’s plaguing me. Thanks in advance!

What horror character to write about?

I started a vampire story and i think its good but no one will read it because of the craze. I like writing horror. I write about ghosts witches and shapeshifters but need a new character.

So any idea for a new character to write about in tge horror genre?

Can you picture any of the Disney Channel stars in a Horror movie?

I just cant! well except for my cousin Hil.

Who can you NOT picture? and Who CAN u picture in a Horror movie?

What’s a genuinely scary, quality horror book?

I’m relatively new to the horror genre, but I recently finished IT by Stephen King. I enjoyed it greatly, but despite my appreciation for the fear and the characters in the novel, it didn’t keep me up nights. I found it a fun, dark read, but not one that made me keep the lights on. I’m looking for a book that is equal or better quality horror, and will genuinely scare me. Any suggestions?

Which simpsons treehouse of horror is the best?

I am looking for your opinion. if you like all of them list them in number order. make sure to say which treehouse of horror number it is. thanks
also which treehouse of horror includes the clips with Mr. Burns hunting homer and the other people who work at the power plant?

What are some good horror or science fiction books?

What are some good horror or science fiction books for teen from 16 and above?

Who is the best horror movie villain?

Of the horror films which villain gets title of the the true bad-ass! I vote for Jason myself!

What horror movie has the little girls singing ring around the rosie in true horror fashion?

Thought it was Freddie Kruegar, but not in the original–help please–thanks.

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