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Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse “Haunted House” (1929)

This classic vintage delight will chill your bones and make you laugh!

Cool Halloween Short Animation – The Kingdom of Witches

based on the silhouette art of Jan Pienkowski. The music is Labyrinth of Dreams by Nox Arcana

Vintage Children’s Halloween History Filmstrip 1956

Transylvania 6 5000, Bugs Bunny Halloween Special



Popeye The Sailor Classic Halloween Cartoon: Fright To The Finish

How do Popeye the Sailor and his nemesis Bluto spend their Halloween?  You guessed it, fighting over Olive Oyl!

To quote Popeye about Ghosts and Hobgoblins: “Olive, there aint no such thingks, their just figimentations of the imaginumation”

Animation by Al Eugster and William B. Pattengill. Music by Winston Sharples. Produced in 1954.

Vintage Scary Cartoon, Betty Boop Halloween party B&W and COLOR 1933

Here are two great videos of the same Betty Boop classic, the original black and white version and the colorized version.  Enjoy.

A Scooby Doo Halloween

“Head for the swamp boats scoob!”

Spooky Scary Skeletons Dance

This old Walt Disney cartoon classic animated by Ub Iwerks with music by Carl W. Stalling is still scarier than ever.  What could be more ghoulish than dancing skeletons on Halloween night?

Vintage Spooky Movie “Scrappy’s Ghost Story” 1935

This 75 year old cartoon was produced by Charles Mintz, the creator of the Krazy Kat series.

The audio is a little low, you may need to turn your volume up.

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