Can you plan a Halloween party for a sophmore in high school?

I love throwing parties, but Halloween is not my strong point. I am a sophomore in high school, and while most of the kids in my grade drink and smoke, I do not. My group of friends are going to come over for a halloween party (no liquor or drugs) but I don’t know what to do! I want to have a costume party and some games and stuff but I have no idea what kind of games, and food and things like that! Help!

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  • Michelle Young:


    Here’s some ideas for Halloween. I thrown a Halloween party for my kids nearly every year so far, alternate between the two of them as one is now 9 and the other 17 so their needs and what acceptable is a little different.

    I’m just in the middle of building a web site on ‘Party themes’ and one of the sections is ‘Halloween party ideas for teenagers’ there’s also a page for younger kids. Below is an example of a Halloween theme, Mad scientists Laboratory. Another one I really like is the zombie dinner party and Dolls house (that’s ones simple but creepy) There’s also some good ideas on creating a Zombie Graveyard. Here’s an extract from the web site…. if you fancy visiting it the address is it’s a nonprofit site and still under construction on some pages but I hope it helps if you take a look.

    Mad Scientist

    This is a brilliant Halloween decorating idea … creating one or more bubbling ‘scary sample jars’ and its loads of fun. It requires us to get a little bit more technical! You’ll need to purchase a simple cheap fish tank filter to be able to create the bubbles but this Halloween decoration can bubble away all night once set up.

    You will need…

    • 1-3 large glass jars
    • Colored water, use food colorant, one green, one red…
    • Body parts, fingers, eyes or worms. You can buy cheap Halloween body parts in most shops
    • A torch

    Place the colored water and boy parts in the glass jars and line up next to one another. Put the filter in to the water so that the bubbles make the contents move around and the water bubble. The flash light can be placed behind and will light up the contents.

    Other bottles and jars can be set up on the snack table with people drinks

    Autopsy Table

    Another image you can create for your mad scientist is an autopsy table. A body under a sheet, possibly partially covered so it looks like a horrendous experiment is being conducted. Use the same principles as for making body parts and place on a table with a white sheet over it, a splash of blood here and there and a Chop..Chop you have the makings of a mad scientist experiment!

    There’s also some ideas on how to build yourself Zombie bodies.

    Good luck and Happy Halloween

  • Vipul:

    1) I’m providing a link to a Squidoo lens which has a great Halloween resource list, including Top 10 lists of Scary Movies & Halloween Party Music, and lots of party ideas for you to plan your Halloween party

    2) Also I’m providing a link to a hand-picked collection of 60 Creative Halloween Party Invitations, created by some of the best artists, to really set the tone for your party… you know truly unique invitations not available in your retail store

    I’m providing the link to the collection of Halloween Invitations below

  • Rus J:

    These party games range from creative to gross to outdoor Halloween games. halloween games by age group – so that will save you time.

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