Bloopers from our paranormal investigations.

No matter how haunted a location is, things can happen that are comical. Please enjoy the bloopers that occur on our paranormal investigations.

12 Responses to “Bloopers from our paranormal investigations.”

  • SkejtWille:

    What is an AVP?

  • lydiapandora:

    I think the cicadas wanted to say hello!

  • immaguardian:

    ok its an illusion but see if you can see it at 215 on the tape you see a guy breaking wind look at the wall to where the paints chipped it looks like a child holding its nose and pointing at the nasty dude

  • Aerien:

    Rofl. Poor you! *shudders* eugh spiders…creepier than haunted places

  • xenaswolf:

    Thank you for showing that sh*t does happen! LOL

  • kekisme:

    omg one night my team and i were investigating a supposedly haunted plot of land by a lake. it was pitch black except for my cam light. i walk right into a HUGE spider web & screamed so loud, iscared the other team members… they thought i was getting my ass kicked lol

  • kekisme:

    LoL! “They seem to be drawn to you!” the fart 1 made me laugh til i cried. hahaha u guys rock!

  • spiritshy:

    just watched it again, HAHAHAHAHA i bet they want to leave this place now, LOL

  • spiritshy:

    LOL oh lordy, I laughed til i cried at the fart blooper, liked the first blooper too. 5 ******

  • periwink:

    well you could have left the farting part out LOL. (cuz that’s really more of an intentional blooper LOL men & their farting) however the rest was very funny.

  • Thegrinch17:

    Those Cicadas are very noisy insects! I’m from Illinois so I have dealt with them for years. I’ve always wanted to go to the famous Bachelor’s Grove cemetery, but unfortunately never got the chance. :(

  • ShoryoTombo:

    This was hilarious! I had to save it on my favorites.
    When we were investigating Cassadaga Hotel, I got spooked by my own reflection at a glass stained window. It was dark and thought I saw an apparation.

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